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Image Title Text
Indifferent Indifferent :indifferent:
Straight Face Straight Face -_-
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Happy Happy :happy:
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Wink Wink ;)
Crying Crying ;(
Sad Sad :( :-(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Tongue Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Passionate Passionate :passionate:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
What? What? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Naughty Naughty :naughty:
Sigh Sigh :sigh:
Dryad Indifferent Dryad Indifferent :dryadindifferent: %:indifferent:
Dryad Straight Face Dryad Straight Face %-_-
Dryad Smile Dryad Smile :dryadsmile: %:) %:-) %(:
Dryad Happy Dryad Happy :dryadhappy: :dryad happy: %:happy:
Dryad Big Grin Dryad Big Grin :dryadgrin: %:D
Dryad Wink Dryad Wink :dryadwink: %;)
Dryad Crying Dryad Crying :dryadcry: %;(
Dryad Sad Dryad Sad :dryadsad: %:( %:-( %):
Dryad Mad Dryad Mad :dryadmad: %:mad: %>:( %:@
Dryad Confused Dryad Confused :dryadconfused: %:confused:
Dryad Cool Dryad Cool :dryadcool: %:cool: %8-)
Dryad Tongue Dryad Tongue :dryadtongue: %:p %:P %:-p %:-P
Dryad Eek! Dryad Eek! :dryadeek: %:eek: %:o
Dryad Passionate Dryad Passionate :dryadpassionate: %:passionate:
Dryad Roll Eyes Dryad Roll Eyes :dryadrolleyes: %:rolleyes:
Dryad What? Dryad What? :dryadwhat: %o_O %O_o %o.O %O.o
Dryad Naughty Dryad Naughty :dryadnaughty: %:naughty:
Dryad Sigh Dryad Sigh %:sigh:
Merchant Indifferent Merchant Indifferent :merchantindifferent: :$indifferent:
Merchant Straight Face Merchant Straight Face $-_-
Merchant Smile Merchant Smile :merchantsmile: $:) $:-) $(:
Merchant Happy Merchant Happy :merchanthappy: $:happy:
Merchant Big Grin Merchant Big Grin :merchantgrin: $:D
Merchant Wink Merchant Wink :merchantwink: $;)
Merchant Crying Merchant Crying :merchantcry: $;(
Merchant Sad Merchant Sad :merchantsad: $:( $:-( $):
Merchant Mad Merchant Mad :merchantmad: $:mad: $>:( $:@
Merchant Confused Merchant Confused :merchantconfused: $:confused:
Merchant Cool Merchant Cool :merchantcool: $:cool:
Merchant Tongue Merchant Tongue :merchanttongue: $:p $:P $:-p $:-P
Merchant Eek! Merchant Eek! :merchanteek: $:eek: $:o
Merchant Passionate Merchant Passionate :merchantpassionate: $:passionate:
Merchant Roll Eyes Merchant Roll Eyes :merchantrolleyes: $:rolleyes:
Merchant What? Merchant What? :merchantwhat: $:what: $:O_o $o_O $O.o $o.O
Merchant Naughty Merchant Naughty :merchantnaughty: $:naughty:
Merchant Sigh Merchant Sigh :merchantsigh: $:sigh:
Nurse Indifferent Nurse Indifferent :nurse: :nurseindifferent: &:indifferent:
Nurse Straight Face Nurse Straight Face &-_-
Nurse Smile Nurse Smile :nursesmile: &:) &:-) &(:
Nurse Happy Nurse Happy :nursehappy: &:happy:
Nurse Big Grin Nurse Big Grin :nursegrin: &:D
Nurse Wink Nurse Wink :nursewink: &;)
Nurse Crying Nurse Crying :nursecrying: &;( :nursecry:
Nurse Sad Nurse Sad :nursesad: &:( &:-( &):
Nurse Mad Nurse Mad :nursemad: &>:( &:@
Nurse Confused Nurse Confused :nurseconfused: &:confused:
Nurse Cool Nurse Cool :nursecool: &:cool:
Nurse Tongue Nurse Tongue :nursetongue: &:p &:P &:-p &:-P
Nurse Eek! Nurse Eek! :nurseeek: &:eek: &:o
Nurse Passionate Nurse Passionate :nursepassionate: &:passionate:
Nurse Roll Eyes Nurse Roll Eyes :nurserolleyes: &:rolleyes:
Nurse What? Nurse What? :nursewhat: &:what: &o_O &O_o &o.O &O.o
Nurse Naughty Nurse Naughty :nursenaughty: &:naughty:
Nurse Sigh Nurse Sigh :nursesigh: &:sigh:
Pirate Indifferent Pirate Indifferent :pirateindifferent: ~:indifferent:
Pirate Straight Face Pirate Straight Face ~-_-
Pirate Smile Pirate Smile ~:) ~(: ~:-) :piratesmile:
Pirate Happy Pirate Happy ~:happy: :piratehappy:
Pirate Big Grin Pirate Big Grin ~:D :pirategrin:
Pirate Wink Pirate Wink ~;) :piratewink:
Pirate Crying Pirate Crying ~:cry: :piratecrying:
Pirate Sad Pirate Sad ~:( ~:-( :piratesad:
Pirate Mad Pirate Mad ~:mad: ~>:( ~:@ :piratemad:
Pirate Confused Pirate Confused ~:confused: :pirateconfused:
Pirate Cool Pirate Cool ~:cool: :piratecool:
Pirate Tongue Pirate Tongue ~:p ~:P ~:-p ~:-P :piratetongue:
Pirate Eek Pirate Eek ~:eek: ~:o :pirateeek:
Pirate Passionate Pirate Passionate ~:passionate: :piratepassionate:
Pirate Rolleyes Pirate Rolleyes ~:rolleyes: :piraterolleyes:
Pirate What? Pirate What? ~o_O ~O_o ~o.O ~O.o :piratewhat: ~:what:
Pirate Naughty Pirate Naughty ~:naughty: :piratenaughty:
Pirate Sigh Pirate Sigh ~:sigh: :piratesigh:
Steampunker Indifferent Steampunker Indifferent `:indifferent: :steampunkerindifferent:
Steampunker Straightface Steampunker Straightface `-_-
Steampunker Smile Steampunker Smile `:) `(: ':-) :steampunkersmile:
Steampunker Happy Steampunker Happy `:happy: :steampunkerhappy:
Steampunker Big Grin Steampunker Big Grin `:D :steampunkergrin:
Steampunker Wink Steampunker Wink `;) :steampunkerwink:
Steampunker Crying Steampunker Crying `:cry: :steampunkercrying: :steampunkercry:
Steampunker Sad Steampunker Sad `:( `:-( :steampunkersad:
Steampunker Mad Steampunker Mad `:mad: '>:( `:@ :steampunkermad:
Steampunker Confused Steampunker Confused `:confused: :steampunkerconfused:
Steampunker Cool Steampunker Cool `:cool: :steampunkercool:
Steampunker Tongue Steampunker Tongue `:p `:P `:-p ':-P :steampunkertongue:
Steampunker Eek Steampunker Eek ':eek: :steampunkereek: ':o
Steampunker Passionate Steampunker Passionate `:passionate: :steampunkerpassionate:
Steampunker Rolleyes Steampunker Rolleyes `:rolleyes: :steampunkerrolleyes:
Steampunker What? Steampunker What? 'o_O 'O_o 'o.O 'O.o ':what: :steampunkerwhat:
Steampunker Naughty Steampunker Naughty `:naughty: :steampunkernaughty:
Steampunker Sigh Steampunker Sigh `:sigh: :steampunkersigh:
Red Munch Red Munch :redmunch:
Spinning Redigit Spinning Redigit :redspin:
Redigit Redigit :red: :redigit:
Red 2 Red 2 :red2:
Sludge Sludge :joy:
Blue Slime Blue Slime :bluslime:
Green Slime Green Slime :gslime:
Pinky Pinky :pinky:
Purple Slime Purple Slime :pslime:
Yellow Slime Yellow Slime :yslime:
Black Slime Black Slime :bslime:
Crimslime Crimslime :cslime:
Ice Slime Ice Slime :islime:
Lava Slime Lava Slime :lslime:
Sand Slime Sand Slime :sslime:
Hoppin' Jack Hoppin' Jack :hoppinjack:
Rainbow Slime Rainbow Slime :rslime:
King Slime King Slime :kingslime:
Brain of Cthluhu Brain of Cthluhu :brain:
Golem Golem :golem:
Zombie Zombie :zombie:
Nymph Nymph :nymph:
Pumpking Pumpking :pumpking: