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  1. Φ | Ðare

    PC Need someone to play Terraria on PC with (With Mods)

    Added you! Let's talk :D
  2. Φ | Ðare

    PC Hosting an Expert mode Thorium (w/other mods) Terraria playthrough!

    I'm glad you brought that up! Vanity choices and etc would be something I'm very interested in discussing! Feel free to add me on discord or steam and let's chat :) Yeah should be a blast!
  3. Φ | Ðare

    Circle Prefect, Free Under 17 Slots - US West

    Hey I'm interested in using a free server, if one is available. However, for some reason I am not able to click on the image header and therefore can not register for a server. Perhaps you could help me out? Edit: Nevermind, I think I figured it out. :)
  4. Φ | Ðare

    PC Modded Playthrough

    Yo, I know I am a bit late to the picture but I'm interested in joining you (granted the offer is still available). I am planning on hosting a modded server, and I am by no means hellbent on the mods I choose, so let's talk about setting it up! Here are some details if you're curious, message me...
  5. Φ | Ðare

    PC Looking for people or group

    Hi there, I am trying to get a group of people (3~6) is possible for a modded Terraria play through. Check out the details here
  6. Φ | Ðare

    PC Thorium modded playthrough

    Hey there, I'm also interested in a Thorium playthrough. Check out the details here and message me on Steam/Discord if you're interested!
  7. Φ | Ðare

    PC Looking for someone to play modded terraria with

    Hey there, check out my post here if you please. Trying to hopefully have a finalized group soon.
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