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May 23, 2018 at 2:10 AM
Jun 27, 2016
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JellyBreaded Peaks
Swatting lies in the making

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Skeletron Prime, from JellyBreaded Peaks

"Hey, what happens in Suweeka's DND campaigns?" [​IMG] Apr 19, 2018

『Voltear』 was last seen:
May 23, 2018 at 2:10 AM
    1. 『Voltear』
      "Hey, what happens in Suweeka's DND campaigns?" [​IMG]
      1. Dg-vr
        *cries in never played before*
        Apr 19, 2018
        『Voltear』 likes this.
      2. Bezixx
        Apr 19, 2018
    2. 『Voltear』
      "Breaking IN so we can break OUT!"
    3. 『Voltear』
      I'd like to anchor someday.
      1. diekonradish likes this.
    4. 『Voltear』
      I see you driving around 'round deserts with the river I love and I'm like... Is this a mirage or a chance to fulfill my mission?
    5. 『Voltear』
      Happy Birthday, Momo
      1. diekonradish likes this.
    6. 『Voltear』
      "Gotta open your heart DUDE!"
      1. Sir AFK
        Sir AFK
        Like BoC or Moon lord ?
        Feb 1, 2018
    7. 『Voltear』
      I'll pretend I'm somewhere warmer.
      1. Techhunter_Talon
        Come to where I live. It's been in the 50s and 60s lately. Fairly warm for winter around here.
        Jan 13, 2018
        Kyu likes this.
      2. Droid15.24.3
        Welcome to my humble abode!
        Jan 13, 2018
    8. 『Voltear』
      Panic! At The Breakfast Table - I Taste Jam Not Blood
    9. 『Voltear』
      A small stream of water can over time become a great river. Same thing goes for just a sliver of hope. Hang in there, no need for a promise.
      1. Realith likes this.
    10. 『Voltear』
      My science is outer this world.
    11. 『Voltear』
      This Christmas, I'm grateful for my family being with me, supporting me, and loving me for who I really am. Wouldnt spend Xmas anywhere else
      1. ppowersteef likes this.
    12. 『Voltear』
      Happy Hallsdaze IN A PEAR TREE
      1. diekonradish likes this.
    13. 『Voltear』
      Are you a corsair on a sailing ship or a torrent-trading little :red:?
      1. Kyu
        I'm on dry land,
        Dec 16, 2017
      2. DoctorMcDerp
        No Im a convoy escort bote.
        Dec 16, 2017
    14. Loogy.
      lol you were a member since my birthday :cool:
    15. 『Voltear』
    16. 『Voltear』
      1. Valkyrie Valhalla and Kyu like this.
    17. 『Voltear』
      Happy Turkey Thursday! [​IMG]
      1. TheQuietBisharp
        I can't wait for the meta of this next year.
        Nov 23, 2017
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      2. 『Voltear』
        It's not gonna be a Thursday, silly
        Nov 23, 2017
    18. 『Voltear』
      Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to exit the donut.
      1. MiltVala
        Nov 19, 2017
      2. Trash Boat
        Trash Boat
        this is my favorite picture that currently exists
        Nov 19, 2017
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    19. 『Voltear』
      1. Dg-vr likes this.
      2. Dg-vr
        more like, fursona, hueuheuhe
        Nov 17, 2017
      3. 『Voltear』
        Nov 17, 2017
    20. 『Voltear』
      "Deep inside, we're kindred spirits... you... and I..."
      1. Dg-vr likes this.
      2. Commander Crocket
        Commander Crocket
        Nov 6, 2017
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    JellyBreaded Peaks
    Swatting lies in the making
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    "Uh oh masterpiece alert"

    Welcome to my Exalted Threshold

    There is a real distance between you and me

    This profile is a mess, but so am I

    The world is fairly simple, it's just me who's bizarre... with complication..

    Head for the hills! The kitchen's on fire!

    Now we know that life will change


    > A real Volt Prime

    > Hobbies: Playing pathfinder, writing stories and dying over it, playing Warframe, Overloading, etc.

    > "Welcome to the ThunderDome, let us prepare for the rain to transform!"


    > Warframe on the outside, Sackboy in the inside

    > I put random words in ramdon places and hope they sound cool

    > Today is all we have, so try for a moment to break from the torment and sing this to yourself: It's a pleasure to meet you.

    You are not E

    You are not E

    You are not E

    You are not E

    You are not E

    You are not E

    You are not E


    I will try not to lose control

    “Are you feeling fine?”

    “Yes, I feel just fine.”

    Twintails are the greatest thing ever

    You've pulled away from me in every single way.
    You don't hear anything at all.
    "I am a dirty, fast, happy, and emotional rock song."

    I consider myself a perfect being

    I accept all of my problems and shortcomings

    I am so visceral yet deeply inept

    How unfortunate that I don't post it here yet kek

    You know that I’m a dreamer
    I’m not a vicious schemer
    Oh please won’t you.. ah :red: it

    "I apologize if I do not care."

    No it stays the same forever

    I placed a picture of a sonic OC under the rug and it's nothing personnel kid

    Voltear in Italian is Voltear unless it's in Spanish in that case it is ɹɐǝʇןoʌ. If it's English it's V̶̡͉͓̫̱͕͉̹͇̗̹͚͆̃́͋̇ͧͮ̿ͪͤͮ̔́́͝o̸̪̦̯̳̝̰̥̗͉̲̞ͭͤ͒̎̾͛̅͡ͅl̶̸̶̡͙̤̳͖̳̠͔̹͕̖͎̼̦͉̣̘̞̹͑ͥͥ̉͆̽̀͒̿̎̓ͫͩ̈́̀ẗ̵̘̫̖͔̰̙̗̯̟̲̗̫̞͓͓̜̼̦̙́ͩ͋̅͒̽̒͌͊̃́͝ȩ̸̶̷̦̪͇̜͕̬̭̤̺̼̬̬̬̜ͮͩ̀̃̾̎̿a̵̯͕̙̣͙͔̲͓̰͖̱̪͙̘̹̱̬ͣ̌͌͋̒̑̈́̀r̶̵̷̛̥̦̺̪̭̱̯̟̥̝͖͌̓̾ͩͯ̔ͯͨ̏ͩ̂. In oodle language it's Voodleltoodleoodler

    One of my OCs has red eyes and a gun but in reality they're a huge dork

    my iq is over 270 so if ever speaking speak to me again you speaking again you again ever speaking speak to speak you again speak speak to me speaking to me again you speak of crap then die
    Through other people's descriptions of life...

    That's the only way I have learned to express myself.


    Spells are hard to prepare if you barely had any knowledge or care about a game at first and if you barely knew half of what a class does

    But to be honest that is part is my fault

    But for any campaigns requiring me to roll spellcaster

    best of luck

    im not


    there is so much to talk about but i dont feel obliged to talk at all

    im lost in thought and my memory lacks initiative

    And so the story goes
    As only they would know
    It’s time to take control

    Everybody needs a ninjha

    it's good to have one on your side

    "Outerior Motives"

    "A MonoKromatic View"

    "ReWritten History"
    "Chapter Bliss"

    "Open-House Beat Em Up"

    "Boss Overload Overtime"

    "Bustling Lights"

    Matsu is cool

    Omnir is italian

    W1k is makes pizza for a living

    Suwee is gr8

    Sol has money
    Char is also a mod

    LordDark is grandmaster hanzo senpai

    Voltear is my biggest fan
    I'm not as stubborn as I seem

    said the knuckle to the concrete

    D E L I C I O U S P A N C A K E S

    i carried my world just as far as i could but the damage had taken its tole

    i did everything right
    i did everything i thought was right

    I can't see anything over the horizon of the deep blue ocean, the black broken skies, and anything else in between.​

    I am thou, thou art I
    Thou hast acquired a new vow,

    It shall become the wings of rebellion
    that breaketh thy chains of captivity

    With the birth of the Prime Persona
    I have obtained the winds of blessing that
    shall lead to freedom and new power...


    matsu made that

    hes a bit of an italian but thats okay

    "Not terrible, but not impressive."



    "Let's have an even more wonderful conversation."
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