a really far away planet

Teenage, slightly autistic space nerd.

I like electronic music too.
Jun 26, 2009 (Age: 14)
a really far away system
Tree or Axe?
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I like space.
I also have ADD.
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Ask A Planet! (AMA)

My game and forum suggestions, inspired by this suggestion organizing thread by @Russ Guss Doodles

A secret seed where the player turns into a boulder
Make the Merchant not say "night will be upon us soon, friend" in a Solar Eclipse
Players should be able to spawn nighttime-exclusive bosses like the Mechs, EoC, and Skeletron in the graveyard biome
The Tax Collector should sell items
Make Queen Slime's projectiles inflict the "Sparkle Slime" debuff, and make said debuff inflict 15% reduced movement speed in Expert+

Weapons and Equipment
Spooky wood should also be used to make tools
Thoughts on Frozen Turtle Armor?

Bouncy bullets and arrows
Make the crafting recipe for the Endless Quiver and Endless Musket Pouch be increased to 4000
Change the tooltip of the Blend-O-Matic to "Used to make asphalt"
Skeletron should drop a doll (or volleyball) called Wilson as per quotes from the Clothier
Larger variants of chests
Radio sold by the Cyborg that randomly cycles through all of the game's songs
Thoughts on Hallowed Mimics having an accessory drop?
Thoughts on adding a Summoner weapon of some sort to biome mimic drops?
Thoughts on adding the Jungle mimic to vanilla seeds (with changes made)? It should also have functional drops.
Thoughts on revamping the Ice mimic into becoming a biome mimic, and also adding a Desert biome mimic?
Make Brown Dye craftable

Biomes and Nature
Forest variant of thorny bush in FTW secret seed (My first suggestion!)
ALL Sky Islands regardless of the seed should have their grass be Hallowed Grass, instead of this just being in the Celebration seed.
Dead zone that prevents nature from growing in a certain radius (My most recent suggestion)

Blocks and Decoration
Game Mechanics

Forum Suggestions
Confused reaction
More styles

My exoplanet's name is TRAPPIST-1b, but 2MASS J23062928-0502285 is like my super formal name. I'm in the constellation of Aquarius.


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