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Agent Sandstorm Σ

Just kill me already.
uh, somewhere.
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Playstation 4
Contemplating just leaving this hellhole.


Planthair01 guessed my favourite boss, so I guess I have to congratulate them.
Austin (An ex-cop of Russian descent)
Marcus (An ex-soldier, and the closest thing I have to a fursona)
Wilson (A dead guy who makes snarky remarks)
Price (A sociopathic mercenary)
Ford (An excitable werewolf)
Wire (A gun-loving dragon)
Clark (A CEO of a tech company)
Blanche (An AI who likes ponies)
8-Ball (A timeline-hopping assassin)
Jarvis (An alchemical substance dealer, and my second option for a fursona)
Jeffery (An ex-Pokemon Trainer)
Toxin (a half-wyvern hired gun)
Ghost (An ex-soldier half-fox)
Shadow (An ex-soldier half-dragon)
Winters (A gryphon in hiding)
Nikolas (A human ex-soldier)
Blindside (An avali engineer)
Skittles (A non-binary Halo soldier)
Krieg (President of a large PMC(Private Military Company))
Spectre (A synth mercenary)
Jericho (An explosives expert)
Jack (A 1980s-era experimental robot)


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