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Recent content by Aiflynn

  1. Aiflynn

    Potion of Return + Void Vault

    I got a clip of the issue. Here is a google drive link. 2020-10-03 16-50-11.mp4 The first time I clicked the void vault, I walked forward so I was not touching the portal and had smart cursor off. I had potion of return selected. It teleported me. The second time I clicked the void vault, I...
  2. Aiflynn

    Potion of Return + Void Vault

    Thanks for the quick response. I was using the static one, I had no idea you could even use the pocket one. I'll try and get a clip. I don't think it was an issue with smart cursor because I remember turning it on and off as I was trying to stop the glitch from happening.
  3. Aiflynn

    Potion of Return + Void Vault

    I have had a strange issue that when I used a potion of return and then tried to access my void vault, it would instead access my potion of return and then teleport me back to wherever I came from. It is very inconsistent but it happened a lot over the course of my journey mode playthrough.
  4. Aiflynn

    Other Art Aiflynn's Sprites and Vanity Sets

    All dyed martian dye. Adamantite Mask Frost Breastplate Spooky Leggings Bee Cloak
  5. Aiflynn

    PC Aiflynn and DarkLordViper's Vanity Workshop

    Ice Guy I made some time ago. Not like the other guys.
  6. Aiflynn

    Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

    I'm pretty sure those are lightning boots that have been dyed.
  7. Aiflynn

    Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

    Jack o' Lantern Mask - No Dye Loki's Breastplate - Black Dye Forbidden Treads - Black Dye Pygmy Necklace - Silver Dye Star Cloak - Silver Dye Leinfors' Prehensile Cloak - Silver Dye (I think)
  8. Aiflynn

    Mobile Terraria Mobile - Amazon Update

    Ha, I have an original kindle fire. Somehow still runs terraria.
  9. Aiflynn

    No Wood Boxes: A Building Guide

    I might try and add some more detail into the house, specifically where the ladders are. All the rooms look pretty good. Really liking it.
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