Alexander D. Moon


I'm Alexander Moon, owner of Alex's Assorted Arsenal, Mercenary Munitions and Cards of Fate.

My mods are all currently available on the TML browser.
Jun 16, 1999 (Age: 24)
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC


Owner of Ancient's Arsenal, Mercenary Munitions, and Cards of Fate! I've also contributed some small stuff to Starlight River, and I am a beta tester for the Spirit mod.

If you want to keep up-to-date with all of the new changes and additions to Ancient's Arsenal, then consider joining my Discord server!


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    Like a plank of driftwood tossed on the watery main...

    You've been here five whole years drifting and growing, surely you've become quite the big Fishron in the pond?
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    You like really, really like me....

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    Putting Down Roots

    You've been here four whole years and, like a flower, made the forum more beautiful with your presence.
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    I Have Many Leather-Bound Books....

    1,095 days is a long time, indeed....and that's how long you've been a member of our Community!
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    The Fabric of Our Lives...

    Two years as a Terrarian! Thanks for your continued support!
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    Happy Paper Anniversary! You've been a member of the Terrarian Community for a full year!
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    Certifiably Terrarian

    You are a True Terrarian! (Awarded for indicating that you own Terraria)
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    Like a sauna in here....

    Link your Steam account to your forum account.
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    Out of the Shadows...

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