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    Working as Designed Generated world contains no Lava Charm

    I searched a good portion of the cavern layer where the lava generates and couldn't find any Lava Charms. I used TEdit 4.0 beta to search the world for Lava Charm and didn't produce any results. I did use other search terms to verify that the search was working (considering TEdit 1.4 support...
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    Can't scroll research screen

    Using a PS4 controller connected to PC, playing multiplayer in Journey Mode. When using the controller, selecting the "power" menu and going to researched items, my list now extends the screen so there is a scroll bar. Using a mouse I can scroll up/down using the wheel, but using a controller...
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    Using pylon with controller

    When using a pylon with a controller, the use time is extremely short so every time we press a button (circle) it flickers from map to game and game to map extremely fast, probably at frame rate. We are using PS4 controllers connected to a PC in multiplayer. Both hosted and non-hosted...
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