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    Texture Pack Rainlight UI and Stormdark UI

    For the Rainlight UI, the Journey Mode Menu has not been updated to the new UI design, so it stands out. Not sure if this is the same with the Stormdark UI. May want to consider adding the Journey Mode menu to the customized pack. Edit: I believe I did use the Steam version. Thanks :)
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    Working as Designed (Possible bug?) Gray Zapinator Infinite Mana

    Background Info Windows 10 Steam Edition v1.4.0.5 Only tested in Single player Description This one is a simple one. It appears the set bonus of the Meteor Armor applies to the Gray Zapinator as well (it costs no mana to use). Upon looking on the wiki, it appears it has been discovered it also...
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    CC Creation Compendium #80

    There you go! That's the spirit! 😂
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    **REPORTED** Possible Squirrel Hook bug.

    Background Info Windows 10 Terraria v1.4.0.5 Steam Tested on Single Player Brief Description I discovered a possible bug with the squirrel hook; it's a possible bug because I'm not sure if it was designed to operate like this or not. In short, the squirrel hook will detach on its own (without...
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    **REPORTED** Bluetooth Audio Bug

    I can confirm now that Paul von Oberstein's report of freeze does apply. When I just disconnect my headphones, the game keeps running, but the sound attempts to play to my no longer connected headset. You have to restart the game in order to get it to switch over to the PC/laptop speakers...
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    **REPORTED** Bluetooth Audio Bug

    Interesting. I have not had it lead to a fatal crash for me. For me, when I connect my bluetooth headset, it just continues to play the audio on the main speakers. It won't play on the headset if I try to switch over until I restart the game.
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    **REPORTED** Weapon Rack/Item Frame Not Accepting Items

    60 Hz refresh rate. I have 1600 x 900 resolution, in case that helps with anything as well. I have a laptop that is currently running Windows 10. Sorry for not getting back to you until now.
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    Resolved Camera doesn't lock on the golf ball

    I can confirm the same seemed to happen to me for some reason. The camera seemed to stop following the ball even though I wasn't actively swinging a weapon. It also resolved itself, so I can't tell if I did something without knowing or if it is an occasional bug. Unless lots of people report it...
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    **REPORTED** Bluetooth Audio Bug

    This has always been the way it is, even before the release of 1.4. If you want to switch from PC speakers to Bluetooth, you must restart the game before it will play the audio through the Bluetooth speaker.
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    **REPORTED** JE NPC Happiness seems bugged/backwards

    Make sure the house banners for the NPCs are within 25 tiles of each other. Liked NPCs' benefits only apply if there housing is within 25 tiles.
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    **REPORTED** Weapon Rack/Item Frame Not Accepting Items

    Software Info Platform: PC Version: Gameplay: Tested in Singleplayer only. Description When you click the Open/Activate item to place a weapon in the weapon rack or an item in the item frame, the weapon/item doesn't get placed in the rack/frame. (Since the weapon and rack is...
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