Sep 25, 1992 (Age: 31)
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC


My Suggestions
Lunar Tier Equipment Upgrade
Fluorescent Light Beams
Fallen Isles (Assuming more standard Floating Islands stuff to make up for it)
Biome Lava
Mimics Drop Chests
Celestial Fragment Furniture
Lunar Princess Would be nice if she flirted with female PCs too
Slimegirl NPC
When Biome's Clash I was iffy on it until the ambassador section.
Biome Weapons I love stuff. More stuff.
Post-Mech Hell
Summoner Prefixes Weren't these meant to be in 1.3? Ahwell.
The Depths More Alternates! Especially if I can copypaste them to be alongside the originals in one huge world!
The Confection Alternate Hallow! Suitably cutesy and deadly.
The Sensation Goes with the Confection! Nice duality.
Hallowed Islands Harpies become unimportant, but freedom from wyverns? Please. PLEASE.
Aquariums I was surprised this wasn't already a thing.
Music Boxes in Vanity I would have rain music forever.
Underworld Mimic Lovely drops.
The Bard They had me at weapon renaming.
Quasar Pillar I was really disappointed by how little Throwing stuff was added. I have faith we'll get more in time. Also, 'The future meets the past in the present.'
The Whimsy Alternate biooooomees <3
Meteor Expansion Yesss.
Comets also yesssss
The River I need to change my underwear.
More Celestial Items More endgame choices are great
Star Furniture if it's not clear by now I just want more of everything.
Mechanical Cultists Nice lore. Nice items. Nice vanity. NICE.


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