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Let's see here. What interesting things about me would I be cool with sharing...

Well, first up, call me Banana. It's hilarious.

The festive 5, stolen because I yoinked post 25,555 on The Last Post Wins.


You see, I am illegally insane. Not legally insane, as I have not been diagnosed with insanity, yet, and I'm really insane in no way at all. I'm just plain weird and use insanity as an excuse pls.

I'm also a guy that mainly came here to role play. But you may also see me in the forum games section. Who knows, I might even actually use these forums as intended once I finish up my latest run on Terraria.

May 31
the land of the fruit with shades.
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Banana T-REX. Short for Banana Pineapple Strawberry Sloth Dog Cow Wolf Cat T-rex Flappy Bird Pufferfish Banana Trout Catfish Madman Grape Camel Apple that is brown and blue.
Insignificant, as usual.

An aspiring forum shepherd.
Thine... person.

Lore I made for some reason

Oh and I made an RP for some reason. About a House.
And I have an AMA.
" text " = Dialogue
" (text) " = Whispering
< text > = Normal, personal thoughts
* text * = Action stuff but, and I paraphrase a quote from Dark Sunshine kinda, "I'm being lazy".
text = Normal action stuff and writing.
<{ text }> = Radio
<< text >> = projected thoughts
Going here because I wanna put up my OC's somewhere. Why? Good question.
A guardian of the Polyverse. Partners with Ver. A white bat with the power of memory, which lets them manipulate the memories of others, read through them, read the memories in their own mind (whether their own or copied/taken from someone else) in perfect detail, and replicate any phenomena seen in said memories. This cannot replicate imagination perfectly, however...

Nothing like how they used to be...​
Acts like a child, doesn't use the many powers they've amassed... the list goes on. Although, their memory does seem to activate sometimes... as some sort of defensive mechanism. Only when she'd actually need it...
Something happened, that's for sure.​

[Backstory will be found in ma lore thread.]

#FFFFFF (normal)​
#9365B8 (Purple eyes)​
A guardian of the Polyverse, as well. Partners with Pol.
A hooded, horned figure with the power of imagination, which allows them to create constructs in their mind and in reality.

Constructs he creates in his mind can be used to predict the future with 99.99% accuracy, by way of constructing all the relevant objects and entities in a scenario and having it play out.​
Constructs he creates in reality are made of a special metal known as Davkium, which seems to be indestructible... (more indestructible than vibranium, anyway).​
[Backstory will be found in ma lore thread.]

#28324E (normal)​
#3D8EB9 (????)​
A shifter. Friends with Vinessa and Luis.

Specialty: Acceleration. Allows him to flash step and cheat death for a few minutes. That's not all to it.. but...

Puff form:
A black puff with stubby, black arms and yellow, stubby, toeless feet (Black Kirby).​
Not very magically adept by himself (he uses a floating orb to channel his better spells), but has really good defence. Just a shame he lacks many ranged options, though the beasts he commands does make up for that somewhat.​
Too much block-
Cloaked form:
An average sized humanoid, black, slender limbed figure in a black, hoodless, gold lined cloak with a top hat. With a white face whose left half is covered by an also white mask.​
Extremely magically adept, quick with the sword, and agile. Yet, not particularly strong, magically or not, and he himself is quite frail, unable to take as much as he can dish out.​
Sans intensifies.

Hatted form:
A floating figure with a black orb for a head, a rumpled wizard's hat, and a white cloak covered in coloured chemical stains.​
Can't really do many spells, but what he does know, he can use quite well.​
HAAAX and turrets.

Dark's alter ego, which takes control whenever Dark enters his crisis form.​
Sadistic, arrogant, lazy... sort of Dark...
Basically Dark's Hyde.

Gary Stu confirmed.

#E6E100 (normal)​
#D4A017 (Xard) (bolded, underlined)​
#4ADEDE (normal)​
#277594 (Xard) (bolded, underlined)​
#D2042D (normal)​
#860111 (Xard) (bolded, underlined)​
A plant folk / purple flower with a face.
Has a fair selection of plant magic spells, and a leech root that can be used to leech someone else's life force. Said life force can then be used to heal herself or someone else she stabs. And could potentially be used to empower her attacks.

Funny tsundere.

#41A85F (normal)​
#?????? ("Second life")​
One of Dark's best friends (besides Vinessa). The lancer of their team/friend group of 5.

Specialty: Stop. Allows him to nullify some of the energy an object has. He usually uses this to 'Stop' things in place by equalising their kinetic energy with the surroundings, but he can also use this to rapidly cool down things by nullifying their thermal energy, and send someone flying in a particular direction... but not at particularly fast speeds (It's discount telekinesis). Could also stop time but I'll have to find a way to make this work with other people's lore before I showcase this.
At least you can break out of the hold with a strong enough will.

Decently adept magically (in fact, he's a miscaster. Basically, he can purposefully cast his spells wrong for a chance at a more powerful spell), but also quite likes finding his opponents' weak spots and stabbing them for high damage.

Empath man but assassin

#0080ff (normal)​
The big guy.
Who is also big brained, and naturally clashes often with Dark in intellectual pursuits.
But he's way better at dealing with things by brute force.
Stock shounen hero except he can also kinda copy the specialties of others. Key word being kinda.
Dark’s nephew. That’s older than him.

Specialty: Obstruct.

#D1D5D8 (normal)​
#?????? (...something about davk.)​
Light's partner...
Light's secretary...

#EBAF4C (normal)​
A grey chameleon with purple and yellow accents.

Specialty: Inorganic. She doesn't need the usual thinker, beater, and appendix shifters usually need in order to take on a sustainable form. Usually turns into wind a lot because of this.

Uses lots of wind magic, very reliant on her sword.

Fun fact: Formerly "friends" with Vinessa.

#301934 (normal)​
Sniper, red, hexagonal eye’d ant with a surprisingly large railgun. Rather stubborn and headstrong, loves hunting just about anything.

Specialty: Analysis. After focusing on a particular subject (be it a quiz or a person in battle), she gains a progressively redder aura and becomes better able to come up with an increasingly appropriate answer to whatever the subject throws at them (translates into a sort of kinda unreliable combat clairvoyance in battle, and into increasingly accurate answers in intellectual pursuits). However, she can only Analyse one subject at a time.

Sometimes, she even briefly achieves a 'flow' state in which she answers the Analysed subject's challenges perfectly, signified with... you guessed it: red eye flashes.

A young teenager/genetic experiment, made by integrating his DNA with shifter DNA and unicorn DNA.

A pale white guy with white hair, blue, almost glowing eyes, a blue shirt, black shorts, and black and white trainers.

Uses ice and water magic, can burn blood on his body that isn't his own to triple his strength. One of the genemixes made to kill shifters.

Dark ripoff possibly because I Dark made first

#2C82C9 (normal)​
A funny showman kolif boi
with DID imagine
Name: [Later...]
Hex: #3F704D
A narcissist Manifest. As a result, pretty powerful. Can take on about 3 Xiter level beings head on and win.
A green haired, somewhat tall for-her-age 16 year old with glasses that tends to wear jet black, somewhat armour-looking clothes. Or a black jacket.

A gadgeteer genius who makes all sorts of fun gadgets, for practical use and for defense. Like pocket forcefields, robo-tentacles, and lamps that double as flash bangs. Though, once you get down to it, she's still just a human, once you take away all her gadgets. Though, she can at least boost the effectiveness of things with her Maga, quite aptly named Boost.

Hex code:
A black haired, average-sized 12 year old that wears a yellow scarf and some sort of grey military uniform, with the sleeves ripped off at the forearms.

A simple ranger who uses an energy bow and a pretty darn cool looking sniper rifle.
His Maga, Third Time's the Charm, ensures every 3rd shot of his does not miss (except in the part where the shot would be fatal. Merely guarantees a hit). This, of course, being on top of his already good aim.

Hex code:
A black, quadruped, hydroponics unit nicknamed Tev carrying a teal blooming cabbage named Caba upon its platform base. Simply call them Caba Tev if you wish to refer to both of them.

As expected, Tev has a gun with which he can shoot syringes. These can be loaded with toxins from Caba. The gun can also shoot off sonic waves, which can also include thorn-balls from Caba.​
Caba can shoot off seed mortars from within herself, and spiked balls which erupt into blood-leeching spiked roots.​
Caba seems to be insane... constantly talking about past lives.

Petrichor V lore person?
Also insane on top of calculating

#54ACD2 (Tev)​
#000000 (Caba)​
Might switch Caba's text colour with Ver's.
Apparently a glowing teal ball... seemingly reminiscient of a Loader's visor. Seems intangible.
They don't seem to have always been this way. They mentioned touching an obelisk at some point...​

Totally not a UT:LB type gaster thing.
"And so he left, more steel and circuit than man."
Another Dark ripoff but mute.
"And so he left, grateful for his luck."
Arrogant gun boi
One of Pol's creations.

A white, winged dragon (the medieval europe kind) that can breathe... just about all your classic mythological elements, and mix them too.
Their main ability, however, is their ability to create portals that allow them to travel through time.
Hence their name in the myths... "A dragon that could slip through time".
Once upon a time...
There was a davk spirit. He lead those who wanted to have free reign over all of existence.

He was quite powerful, with his exceedingly powerful cannon arm, his absolute time freeze...

One day, a group of Liht spirits banded together to stop him...


#000000 (bolded, normal)​

Blue sword
Red sword


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