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  1. Blulum

    3DS Frost Moon & More Coming Soon to Terraria on 3DS!!!

    Trying to get more of my friends in on this haha. So much potential in the 3DS
  2. Blulum

    Casual Random facts about yourself

    November 30th xD
  3. Blulum

    Casual Random facts about yourself

    I fix Attack Helicopters for a living I have been to every state in the United States I was born on the same day as Mark Twain
  4. Blulum

    Explain your avatar

    I'm not sure what mine is from. I just really like it :D
  5. Blulum

    That guy with a long number in his username is here!

    Nice to meet ya!
  6. Blulum

    Every day is beautiful

    Every day is beautiful
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