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Recent content by borg2222

  1. borg2222

    How is Enemy HP affected/amplified in Multiplayer?

    What's the formula for calculating it? I need to test something with 4 players.
  2. borg2222

    PC Summoner to Pokémon Trainer

    doesn't look too bad wow my charizard sucks low damage must be underleveled
  3. borg2222

    In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list

    OMG WHERE IS ZENITH!!! BAD TIER LIST did you know they buffed anchor in 1.4.1? Still isn't viable, needs 1.4 flail changes
  4. borg2222

    terraria guide

    terraria guide
  5. borg2222

    Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here!

  6. borg2222

    The New 1.4.1 Achievements are out on Steam! (Not in-game yet)

    Title says all - as of 17:55 BST They're not released in game yet but you can view them, maybe do some preparation before? hopefully no one has said this yet
  7. borg2222

    tModLoader Is there a mod on tModLoader that is similar to Minecraft's Creative Mode?

    I'm looking for something that can basically just spawn in any item I want into my inventory. This is because I'm actually really lazy and I want to try out different items from mods I have downloaded without having to put effort in
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