A drawing from a few years back.
Character: Escence, Desire of Expression

Yo, hey, the name's Bry! I'm an 18-year old goofball who likes drawin' stuff and working on huge stories and their characters!

On these forums, I'm most well-known for my Suggestions, but I'm more of an art guy. I do traditional drawing, digital drawing (including spritework), story-"writing" (more like "imagining"), and I've even dabbled in music-making, despite only having bits and pieces of Music Theory. I also do play a lot of videos game, which can occasionally begin to get out of hand. Don't do me dirty with a pop quiz because my memory can be non-existent depending on my mood.

I'm not the best conversationalist, but I'm learning. If I take a while to respond to something when talking one-on-one, or if I say something really stupid or nonsensical, I got nothin' else for you besides "I'm tryin', man, gimme a break." Despite this, though, I LOVE talking to people once I actually have something to say; that just isn't the case with me, most of the time.

Favorite Video Games:

  • Terraria. I tend to get bored of it rather quickly, but playing with friends is always a blast and makes it WAY better.
  • Risk of Rain 2. While my computer is pretty shoddy, and therefore can't run the game at as high of a quality as I would've liked, it doesn't take much away from the experience, which is SO AMAZING, HOLY SHIIIIIT! Chris Christodoulou absolutely destroyed it with the soundtrack, while Hopoo Games completely destroyed ME with the gameplay; hot DAMN is it super easy to go from 1200+ health to -87 in a heartbeat.
  • Denpa Men, 1-3. This game is what made me love elemental stuff. It single-handedly inspired my Elemental Equipment suggestion. In terms of the actual game, though, it's a really fun RPG
  • Wandersong. The only not-really-replayable game on this list, Wandersong is such an enthralling and moving experience! Saying "the charm in this game oozes" is a criminal understatement.
There's not really a particular order to these games, by the way─I just structured them however my eyes liked seeing them.
Favorite Music, Video Games or Otherwise:
  • "THE MODEST VIOLET," by IRISHTRISH. TRISH really knows how to make a feeling into audible bliss; this song in particular is a really nice way to both wake up and go to sleep.
  • "Tranz," by the Gorillaz. I don't even know how to describe this, honestly. This goes doubly so for the Visualizer video; I have no idea what its purpose is.
  • "Pandemonic Planet" and "Hartmann's Youkai Girl," by ZUN. The former is kick-:red: as :red:, and the latter is just SO good. Also, Touhou is currently my only link to anything visually anime-related, save for my drawing style.
  • "2 lost electronic," by PilotRedSun. It's a very different sound from most other music, and that includes video game soundtracks.
  • "Into the Doldrums," by Chris Christodoulou. Those. Guitars. Are PLEEEAAASUUUUUURE! Holy :red:, Christodoulou is a musical genius and three-quarters. He, and a commenter named Lars0n, also taught me what a polymeter and polyrhythm are, which I am grateful for.
I've linked to all the songs and their sources; just click on their names to get sent directly to 'em.
ZUN doesn't exactly have a website or anything that I know of, though, so I just linked to his Wikia page.
May 31, 2002 (Age: 20)
Unisonary States of Amira
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
Drawing, Pixel Art, maybe Music on the side?


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