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September 17
United States of Americaball
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: Xbox One
Artist, Gamer, Roleplayer


Email Address
[email protected]


Hexahedric is evolving!

Your Hexahedric evolved into Hexyborg!
@Yello_Xplorer guessed my favorite boss!
Bubby's Art | Ask Bubby Anything | My Book (Warning: Leads Offsite)

Thanks to @SolarDragonMarnyr
I'm awesome! Deal. With. It.

1.47 = 1.5, 1.5 = 2, 1.47 = 1, 2 + 2 = 4, so 1 + 1 = 4 copy this into your signature and spread the word!
newton Pud is a girl! A gender change potion spilled on him, turning him into Lux! Copy this into your signature and spread the word!
If Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were all destroyed, 90% of teens would go insane. If you're one of the 10% that would be laughing at them, copy this into your signature and hope it happens!
If they saw Sans from Undertale on the surface, 99% of Undertale fans would beg to become his real-life disciples. If you're one of the 1% that just waves hi, copy this into your signature and hope it happens!
If you think the 25th of January should become 2nd Christmas because you're still in the festive spirit, copy this into your signature and hope it happens!
GENERATION 29: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.
I am eternally dead! If you see this copy it into your signature and replace it with the opposite statement. Social experiment.
If global capitalism was abolished, 90% of elites would freak out. If you're one of the 10% who danced for victory, copy this into your signature and hope it happens.


A picture of me wearing a LORDE costume by @Animus Viral

A Line-Up of some of the characters of Role Play - Calamity Adventure by @UltiDaniel

(The second one is Sophie, the two super short ones are Borealis and Newton, and the fifth one is Nenowt All the other characters do not belong to me.)
A Drawing of Hamper in Void Shifter form by @UltiDaniel

A drawing of iSophie (mechanized Sophia) by UltiDaniel! This guy draws a lot of characters. I might return the favor.

A drawing of Fae/Darkheart by, you guessed it, UltiDaniel! I'm just gonna draw UltiSlayer for him now

More UltiDaniel; this time it's Four and Colorblind!

Ulti Comic of Colorblind attacking Feral Newton in SPAAAAAAAAACE!!!

Art of Fingerbang (Enraged Alias) attacking some Pixies by @SolarDragonMarnyr . It's a little messed up, but it's fine.
CDA, by @Ultimate snowman 46
SORCERERERERERERERER, by @Ultimate snowman 46
Aura Lizard Loon, by @Dynorok Loon-Maker
@Bubby Aurora, I, LORD DYNOROK LOON-MAKER, dub thee... Aura Lizard Loon!
A being of overpowered force with the capacity to sustain such energies and control elements the local people would never imagine,
Oh, we missed something, page 2319 is the CDA callout on monsters inc, so @Bubby Aurora wins the title CDA or something like that
A being of overpowered force with the capacity to sustain such energies and control elements the local people would never imagine,
Real answer: a Christain witch who wishes she didn't have the power of witchcraft as it is unholy.
Xbox one (AceOfDeltaSquad) Gears of War 4, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Terraria: Console Edition.
PlayStation 3 (flowerpotbaby) LittleBigPlanet, Disney Infinity (all versions except 1.0, cannot play online), and Minecraft: Console Edition.
iPad Mini 1 (Varies) Geometry Dash (username xXTheArouraXx, all versions except the full version), Dragon Simulator 3D (I think? Also username BubbyAurora), and Subway Surfers (cannot compare score.)

If you want to play with me on Xbox One or PS3, friend me saying this exact message:
"BEHOLD, BUBBY AURORA, IT IS I! (insert your forum username here)!"
1. I know it's you.
2. Because this exact message is super silly and assertive, and we will all certainly laugh about it.
3. I know you're from the forums and will be able to contact you if anything happens.
Yeah, it's not much of a list, but at least we shall play.

Friend, the Square!
- They take the form of a human with fangs and claws.
- They are renowned for their ability to cause severe pain.
- They only bite in flow points, like the neck and wrists.
- Their ability to cause severe pain lies in their venom.
- They get their name from the fact that a neck-snapping Fangfury bite in the neck gives a feeling similar to that of a broken neck, often causing the target to think that their opponent snapped their neck.
- They are very weak, and only bite when they feel threatened.
- While most beings are born only by genetics, some people become a Neck-Snapping Fangfury because of a spell gone wrong, or if they marry a NSFF. (Neck-Snapping Fangfury)
- They use their venom to cause enemies to retreat, or to stop an expectant enemy from attacking.
- Many false broken bones and false vampire attacks are caused by NSFFs.
- NSFFs are often mistaken for vampires.
- Certain vampires can be mistaken for NSFFs.
- A difference between NSFFs and vampires are that NSFFs have four fangs, while vampires only have two.
- Another difference is that vampires have superpowers, while NSFFs do not.
- NSFFs live in ranks. The ranks are in this order, from lowest to highest: Newborn, Apprentice, Traveler, Fearlander, Deathbringer.
- A traditional NSFF often calls themselves by their full name and then their rank among the species, for example "Cedric Toby Hudson, Apprentice."
- A modern NSFF often calls themselves by their first name and then their rank among the species, for example "Cedric the Apprentice."
- Unlike their nocturnal relatives, NSFFs do not conceal their identities.

Well that's all the data I've recorded. If you encounter a NSFF and see a new fact or outdated fact, PM me about it and I'll add to the list!

If you are a modern NSFF, copy the message below into your signature:
"I'm a modern Neck-Snapping Fangfury. Don't scare me if you like not having a severely painful month!"

If you are a traditional NSFF, copy the message below into your signature:
"I am a traditional Neck-Snapping Fangfury. Do not scare me if you value your time that is free of pain."

Why? It's a warning, silly.
Shadow Sabers {W} - Deals 10 damage, a powerful pair of magic-melee weapons that are summoned from the user's hands. They are held backwards, and used for assassination. They can ward off destructible projectiles and set fire to a target.

Jewel of Shadow {A} {W} - A small purple gem that is worn as a necklace and protects the user from being stabbed in the heart as well as gives her the ability to conjure a small amount of purple fire that does 7 damage. The fire will spread to targets.

Meds x3 {C} - A special healing mix that restores 10 HP.

Shifting Cloak {A} - A special article of clothing that, at first, looks like the user's choice of clothing, but in battle it becomes an assassin's hood that protects the user. Grants 3 defense and speeds things up a little.

{T} {W} Screwdriver
-Used for making and breaking stuff, in a screwed up way
-Stop screwing around and get busy!
-Does 6 damage ignoring armor! Doesn't seem to be very useful for fighting.

{T} Pliers
-Good for messing around with wires, electrical circuits, and even surgery!

{T} Mother Board
-A board empty of code. Can be programmed to what user desires.
-If combined with life and death essence and a few other deadly parts, it could summon a boss!

{M} Battery
-Has a quite good charge. It looks like a double A but seems to have way more power just by feeling it.
-Quite useful in any different ways! Batteries are quite hard to come by so use this wisely!

{W} {Rare} Mechanical Output Wand
-Quite the up to date modern wand. It senses what you main magical element is and shoots it out in a wave like form in all directions around you!
-Base elemental damage of 4. Hits all enemies around you
Once upon a time, a LEGEND was whispered among shadows.
It was a LEGEND of HOPE.
It was a LEGEND of DREAMS.
This is the legend of SMALL-HUGE-RUNE
For millenia, TRUE and FALSE have lived in balance,
Bringing peace to the WORLD.
But if this harmony were to shatter...
a terrible calamity would occur.
The sky will run black with terror
And the land will crack with fear.
Then, her heart pounding...
The IMAGISPHERE will draw her final breath.
Only then, shining with hope...
Three HEROES appear at WORLDS' edge.
Only they can seal the fountains
And banish the DREAMER'S HEAVEN.
Only then will balance be restored,
And the WORLD saved from destruction.
The geyser that gives this land form-
Stands tall at the center of the kingdom.
But recently, another fountain has appeared on the horizon...
And with it, the balance of TRUE and FALSE begins to shift.


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