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  1. Buckethell

    tModLoader Starter Classes

    Wanted something like this for a long time, the starting grid for me is a pain, even in 1.4 You should add some other optional/configurable features, like 10 herb bags or some other starting accessories, ammos, an axe and hammer for building and harvesting, nothing too crazy
  2. Buckethell

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Just wanted to know if Calamity will support Boss Highlights (Aka Boss Assist)
  3. Buckethell

    PC Will mods still be compatible with the new update ?

    I know absolutely zero about coding and programming, but it's pretty obvious that with the new update, most mods will be broken Starting from the Thrower sub-class being removed from the game, and new implemented stuff like animations etc being rewrote from scraps What I fear is that most mods...
  4. Buckethell

    Game crashing sometimes when loading world

    Pretty sure it's an issue with WorldGen Previewer and Calamity (Because I don't think that the Previewer it's compatible with Calamity)
  5. Buckethell

    Index out of matrix limit

    Looks like a mod conflict/error Check if there are updates on the mod browser, and if it keeps crash, you need to find the couprit disabling one mod at a time It's a chore but it will worth it If you have 4 or less GB of RAM, it may be memory limitation too, but to me it's more a conflict or...
  6. Buckethell

    PC Mods that plays well/balanced alongside Calamity ?

    Good day everyone :bslime: I'm going to start another modded run, but with Calamity as the main mod, and I would like to know what are some balanced mods that fits well with it. Feel free to give your suggestions, the only "limitation" is that I don't like cheating, silly and bad quality mods...
  7. Buckethell

    tModLoader Too many modded items in shops

    I'm just necroposting to inform that now a mod exists ! And it's called Extended Shop Thanks to the author
  8. Buckethell

    tModLoader More chest loot

    I really don't get if this mods only add new items inside chests, or if it increase the loot rate too
  9. Buckethell

    tModLoader Too many modded items in shops

    Hello everyone I have something like 44 mods installed, and pretty often the vanilla NPC's shop isn't big enough to contain all the new and vanilla items they sell (there are doubles too, for example my Dryad sells duplicates of every vanilla boss summon, and it takes a lot of space in the shop...
  10. Buckethell

    Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.

    Great mod, it's very cool ! Can i play it in multiplayer with my girlfriend ? Thanks
  11. Buckethell

    Lock n' Load

    Lock n' Load
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