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    PS4 Seasonal Instant Crash

    As you'll know it's currently Halloween season in Terraria (October 19th today). Certain NPCs sell various items during the Halloween and Christmas season, so I defeated the Frost Moon and was greeted with a day of both Halloween AND Christmas (perfect). I was curious how the NPCs would work...
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    Xbox One Void Vault and Money Trough not working

    This happens often when my game is lagging due to high projectile count or my time is set to 24x. One of these may be your issue.
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    PS4 (Fixed) Multiplayer Treasure Bag Issue

    When I play multiplayer with my friend over the internet, randomly after killing a boss instead of each getting our own treasure bag, one of us might randomly receive both players' bags, which is not supposed to happen.
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    PS4 Rainbow Rod Messes up Sprite Order

    I was farming for the Crimson key underground whilst in Journey mode and I was rapidly firing my Rainbow Rod at swarms of enemies near pools of Lava. I noticed that when I repeatedly attacked creatures with the rod, the sprites for the items normally hidden behind the lava began to "flicker"and...
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