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  1. Calen

    PC Terraria won't launch, I have tried everything.

    Are there any output_log.txt files in the game folder? (Or any other log files.)
  2. Calen

    PC Terraria won't launch, I have tried everything.

    Are you playing via Steam?
  3. Calen

    PC Terraria won't launch, I have tried everything.

    Can you post a screenshot of any error it reports?
  4. Calen

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2021

    One request: can the 505/DR-Re-Logic QA teams make sure they test local splitscreen thoroughly. With 1.3 update it felt as though splitscreen wasn't tested. At all. Issues such as all players in splitscreen sharing grapple and sentry limits, as well as only one player being able to complete...
  5. Calen

    Console What can we also do??

    On PC I use a bit of software called joy2key that maps controller input to keyboard, so I can use a controller on any game. PC users have more options available to them, so controller support isn't as necessary, whereas a console game requires keyboard/mouse support written into it for them to...
  6. Calen

    Originally, the word rabbit meant only juvenile ones. Adult ones were called coney/conies.

    Originally, the word rabbit meant only juvenile ones. Adult ones were called coney/conies.
  7. Calen

    Anyone have a Moon Lord farm?

    Touché, though strictly speaking it can be done without nebula armour, albeit with more difficulty. And it'll take more that one beam. Either way, post-ML gear would be needed to 'farm' the ML
  8. Calen

    Anyone have a Moon Lord farm?

    Except that the Zenith requires two Moon Lord drops, whereas the Last Prism only needs one, so of less use in a ML farm.
  9. Calen

    Anyone have a Moon Lord farm?

    Same, though I use mana flower. Job done in about 20 seconds.
  10. Calen

    i accidently wiped all of my terraria saves while freeings some disk space(help)

    As @Etotheipi says, I would check your recycle bin. If you're lucky and they are there, just copy them back to the correct folders, and they should work. If they are not there, then unfortunately they are most likely gone forever. There is software available that can recover lost/deleted...
  11. Calen

    just a question, what sort of queen is the Queen Slime?

    As the Queen Slime is bigger, faster and stronger, I would say she is Queen Regent, and that the King Slime is her consort. Also in Terraria, you always meet the lesser first, ie Eye of Cthulhu first and then the Twins, so that would suggest the Queen Slime is greater than the Kings Slime and...
  12. Calen

    What is your favourite mount?

    Witch's Broom - as fast as the UFO, can fly in liquid, can fit through a 3 high gap.
  13. Calen

    Console if there would be a way to mod on console, just how.

    If there were to be a way of modding on console Terraria, it would have to be part of the app itself - in the same way that FO4 or ESV:Skyrim do. However, getting permission from Sony/Microsoft is very unlikely and any modding that they might allow would be very restricted. For example, both...
  14. Calen

    Console For 1.4 console, are you going to include unobtainable items from pc and mobile?

    As far as I can tell from State of the Game posts, the PC and console versions will be the same, with nothing in one that isn't in the other (excluding the ability to mod, which will remain PC exclusive.)
  15. Calen

    PC I can't beat Plantera, please help!

    For me, I find a deep arena works the best. Plantera drops bombs that do a lot of damage, and bounce fairly high. If you make the arena deep, you can keep well above them. Ichor will couple well with the Night's Edge. If you have any, heart statues wired up to a timer can help. If you...
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