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Recent content by Calen

  1. Calen

    Xbox One Can't open treasure bags in expert world

    I don't know what the setup will be on the XBox, but on PS4 I have to press right on the d-pad to use items. You should be able to look under Controller settings to find the button it's now assigned to. It may be unassigned.
  2. Calen

    PS4 Removed Research on v1.4.2 (October 9)

    How do you mean research has been removed? Is the research tab not available on a Journey Mode character? And the other useful mechanics that are missing - what are those? I have been playing daily throughout the patches and I still have access to everything I did before.
  3. Calen

    PS4 Player 2 can’t see the traveling merchant’s wares

    Have you updated the game? A patch was released a couple of days ago that fixes this bug. https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/a-road-well-traveled-terraria-journeys-end-launches-on-xbox-playstation.107151/post-2521733
  4. Calen

    Xbox One Moon lord eye laser problem

    Hi. This is intended. The beams were changed to prevent people cheesing the fights. A roof will no longer protect you from their beam unfortunately.
  5. Calen

    Mobile How many Altars should i destroy

    Six is normally best for maximum amount of ore balanced against random infection. 3 would reduce the amount of infection, but you might struggle to find enough ore. Every 3 altars you smash reduces the amount of ore that spawns, but still increases the amount of infection spawned. Six seems...
  6. Calen

    PS4 No seedler drop

    I think you must just be unlucky. I got a couple after opening around 30 bags.
  7. Calen

    Xbox One Housing doesn't work at all.

    You need to change to the world from your inventory for it to work. On PS4 we press triangle when the housing page is open, and I believe on XBox you press Y. That will allow you to click on the room with the right trigger to check or assign housing.
  8. Calen

    Bring back the old crafting system

    I can't really say I have a problem with the current system. In my worlds, I house the guide in my main crafting area, and it takes like 20 seconds to talk to him. In the rare event I don't remember even one of the ingredients I need to craft something, I have my phone beside me, and it takes...
  9. Calen

    Console @loki

    You're welcome 😊
  10. Calen

    Console @loki

    There is a setting under Controller settings, Aim Mode Toggle, that you can change to Always Aim Only. That should stop the aim and use thing happening. (I'm not at home so I can't check the exact setting location - I had to check on my mobile version, but the option is in pretty much the same...
  11. Calen

    Xbox One ‘Defeat the current threat before you can use the pylon network’ Bug

    A little drastict lol. I was just going to suggest checking the spawn rate, bit I guess that's unnecessary now.
  12. Calen

    Xbox One ‘Defeat the current threat before you can use the pylon network’ Bug

    Have you returned to world spawn? If your main spawn point has been set to somewhere else in the world using a bed, then you would have to return to the original world spawn for the invasion to begin.
  13. Calen

    Xbox One Should I restart my playthrough on xbox?

    Personally, I always start a new character and world after a major update. I want to experience everything, and playing with an existing characer/world makes you miss so much. You will probably discover new items etc., but by that point they are already well past there usefulness, and end up...
  14. Calen

    PC I am getting an error when trying to code in a pickaxe. I have no idea why. Can anyone help me?

    Should the first line not end in a semicolon? using negativeone;
  15. Calen

    A Road Well Traveled - Terraria: Journey's End Launches on Xbox & PlayStation!

    Ahh, that would explain it. I thought the slider controlled worldwide spawn, rather than individually. Thank you for explaining that.
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