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Recent content by Calen

  1. Calen

    Help with Duke Fishron on Expert

    Do you have an arena? I can do Fishron without an arena on normal, but expert needs more prep. The thing that helps me the most is spawning EoC a few times to leave emergency piles of hearts around for a quick top up when waiting for potion sickness to wear off. If you can use a melee weapon...
  2. Calen

    Mobile Xbox Wireless Controller not working

    I have trouble with my PS4 controller on Android 10, mostly with laggy input. The only thing that fixes it for me is turning on bluetooth, un-pair the controller, turn bluetooth off then on again, and finally re-pair. As long as I do that before each time I start the game I have no problems...
  3. Calen

    Pyon pyon ohayo

    I really like it; nice work. Not sure if the chain on the left is a hoist or gallow lol but either way it works well. Your street lighting is very effective too - I may have to steal them for one of my towns.
  4. Calen

    What Is Your Favorite Video Game Song?

    ESV: Skyrim theme song.
  5. Calen

    Terraria State of the Game - February 2021

    I'm able to do that using a PS4 controller on mobile so I see no reason why that wouldn't be possible on PS4. That said, it wouldn't be a problem with the Zenith; even when aiming all the way across the screen it demolishes things near you as well. Sometimes the swords seem to go out of their...
  6. Calen

    PC Block Swap not Working on Ice Summoned by Ice Rod

    Block swap does not work on ice blocks summoned using the Ice Rod. The blocks it places are kind of virtual blocks, and are only temporary. As such they don't really exist (much like a piggy bank summoned by a Money Trough doesn't) and cannot be block swapped. If you try to dig the ice...
  7. Calen

    Resolved [Mobile] Duplication glitch

    This bug only occurs in pirated versions of the game.
  8. Calen

    Is purification permanent?

    I wouldn't worry about purifying everything. Purification powder and the Clentaminator are used to clear infection form an area. Purification powder is thrown and has a short range, clearing only a small area where it lands. The clentaminator is like a flamethrower that throws solutions...
  9. Calen

    Console Console release

    I have, and I am looking forward to it. DR Studios did a great job on the mobile version - it is far superior in every way. The console version is looking similar, so I have every confidence it will be just as good. It can only be an improvement on the current UI which minimises crafting...
  10. Calen

    What is the funniest quote from a movie/tv show/video game/book/song to take out of context?

    "I have come across the desert on my :red:!" - Agnes Brown, Mrs. Brown's Boys.
  11. Calen

    Newer Terrain

    I thought forest was the "transition" as that is the default biome when no others are present
  12. Calen

    Filling holes

    I hadn't considered that, thank you. I'll have to experiment to see how good it is at filling completely.
  13. Calen

    Magnet sphere tome buff

    I can see where it would be good with the Spectre Hood, but that is one I usually avoid. My main play style is glass cannon, so I tend to go for damage maxing gear.
  14. Calen

    Magnet sphere tome buff

    I don't consider it a primary weapon, especially not for mages. To me, it's of most use to other classes. As a mage, it leaves you vulnerable to attack. If you fire it to the right, it is of no help on the left. It's low mana cost (low enough that a player who hasn't upgraded their mana...
  15. Calen

    Magnet sphere tome buff

    I've always found the Magnet Sphere to be more than adequate. It does a good job with multiple enemies despite only being able to spawn one, and it's slow movement means it's able to repeatedly hit targets. Being able to spawn more than one, or allowing it to pass through blocks would make it...
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