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  1. CantWontDo

    PC Is there any way for me to be able to play older versions of Terraria?

    Chippy made some videos called "Playing Terraria 1.X while I'm waiting for 1.X" so it is possible. I just don't know how
  2. CantWontDo

    CTRL V

  3. CantWontDo

    Greetings, Terraria!

    hi welcome to the forums.!
  4. CantWontDo

    WIP Races

    Harpy is overpowered. Having 3 less defense literally doesn't matter. Merman would just be annoying to play. Shapeshifter doesn't really make sense. What's the point of morphing if you can't attack.
  5. CantWontDo

    no. fake birthday

    no. fake birthday
  6. CantWontDo

    some relaxing music :) [MEDIA]

    some relaxing music :)
  7. CantWontDo

    Look to your right and look at the first item you see, now you have to fight Duke Fishron with it.

    I will have to slam a door on fishron until he dies
  8. CantWontDo

    Minecraft Thread

    This is a minecraft thread -_-
  9. CantWontDo

    Minecraft Thread

    Mobile minecraft is the most neglected platform
  10. CantWontDo


    What do you even do in tf2
  11. CantWontDo


  12. CantWontDo

    Making boring weapons more unique

    Are you going to make this into a mod
  13. CantWontDo

    ParadoX mod

    steviegt6 is not being rude or anything. Someone gave ELIASFRANK stolen sprites and unless he wants to ruin the reputation of the mod for stealing sprites he should remove those weapons or make his own sprites.
  14. CantWontDo

    why'd you rename yourself

    why'd you rename yourself
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