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Recent content by CaptainRustbolt21

  1. CaptainRustbolt21

    [Sprites] The Confection: The Desserted Land- An Alternate Hallow

    OOOOOOH, MY GOD! This is amazing! We really do need alternatives to the Hallow (like the Corruption has it’s alternate, the Crimson) and the Confection fits this with a T! I would really love to see someone turn this into a mod!
  2. CaptainRustbolt21

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Sir, I’d recommend taking tModLoader’s message and disable a few mods to free up some memory. If all of the above don’t work, just follow the game’s advice rather than stubbornly look for alternate solutions.
  3. CaptainRustbolt21

    tModLoader (WIP) Tides of Aether

    Oh! I, Uhh... did not expect you to respond, madam. As a matter of fact, I have forgotten most of the questions I have in store. But I do have a couple: Will there be any town NPCs being added into Tides of Aether? Will any ‘sapient’ bosses speak dialogue towards the player? Notably, Nahlyn the...
  4. CaptainRustbolt21

    tModLoader (WIP) Tides of Aether

    I can see that this mod has a lot of potential. So many questions about what content it may have, and yet, only few can be answered... or can be responded by the creator themself
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