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    I’ve been gone for some time and came back on because I was looking on a forum and remembered I had an account. I’ve moved on from modding and have started my own indie game project called Uphold, which I plan to release on Steam sometime next year. But anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say hi. It’s been a while. I’ll probably make a post when the game is done. Cya.
    I'm back, and I don't think anyone cares.

    I'm working on things and stuff, still getting back into the workflow of Terraria Modding. I know how to C# (properly instead of just copying and pasting from Example Mod) now! I'm working on my first custom AI that I'm building from scratch.

    And Swords Mod has been canceled.

    1.4 will be such a change for the game and modding, I have to start a new mod.
    New info about the mod will be coming after 1.4.
    I hope you stay safe and keep clean. Goodbye.
    Hello there. I am CardBoard, founder of Swords Mod.
    I am here to share my projects and put up info about them.
    I am not the best modder, I have only just started, and am working on my newest mod, Swords Mod.
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