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A late thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. <3 Dec 3, 2018

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Dec 12, 2018 at 6:15 PM
    1. Skreppy
      Hey Cenx! my friend has this problem with terraria. He changed his hard disk and his terraria doesnt launch anymore. A 800x600 terraria window pops up not responding. then after like 2 secs it closes. We've tried everything, reinstalling the game, using compatibility mode. Nothing worked.
    2. GatEkEEpEr57
      Your awesome. I would never think too build Slime starships in you and your teams game.
    3. Crovento4147
      B u t t e r f l y m o u n t
    4. HEater24
      Tell Redigit to add apples and apple pie plz!.
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      2. gazzy
        that would be awesome !!
        Nov 11, 2018
    5. catgaming918
    6. catgaming918
      i also have an idea for a furniture piece a TV made from wire, iron or lead and glass
    7. catgaming918
      hey Cenx me and my friend had a terraria 1.3.6 idea for there to be a chlorophyte bullet pouch that has unlimited chlorophyte bullets in it so once you've made it you wouldn't have to keep going to the jungle to get more chlorophyte what do think? i know that there is mods but not everyone has them thx
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      3. catgaming918
        whats the forum called ?
        Oct 20, 2018
      4. Yello_Xplorer
        Oct 20, 2018
      5. catgaming918
        Oct 20, 2018
    8. Terrarian Legends
      Terrarian Legends
      Hey Cenx, will Holy Arrows and Star Veil have their falling star animations revamped too?
      1. ppowersteef
        Revamped Holy Arrows along with Stormbow, now that's something.
        Oct 3, 2018
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    9. AntithesisEK
      Hey Cenx. Have you heard of Dance With The Dead? They're my go-to Eclipse and Lunar farming music, steeped in 80's horror and metal.
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    10. GoldenCraftTheTerrarian
      Where the hell is Cthulhu?!
      1. Techhunter_Talon
        Fairly blunt this is but the Moon Lord exists. Plus, Cthulhu is an overrated Elder God from H. P. Lovecraft's works, honestly. As in, he's used way too much in media.
        Sep 17, 2018
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      2. AntithesisEK
        Cthulhu's probably still napping. He's an exceptionally heavy sleeper.
        Sep 20, 2018
    11. Piklegends
      Hey Cenx! I hear that you are playing a big role in 1.4 and I had a simple item that would improve Terraria, Simply a combo of the lava waders and the frostspark boots. I'm sure you've been asked about this from others too. :3
      1. GoldenCraftTheTerrarian
        That was already added for the Calamity Mod!
        Sep 17, 2018
    12. iicutepanda
      I've had this idea for quite awhile now, but what if there was a biome for the goblins? We already know they exist, but it confuses me on how we get invasions if they don't even have a camp or anything to come from that the player isn't allowed to discover? I would at least like to see a goblin camp. Of course there would be a miniboss to fight other than the one in the goblin invasion event. Welp just a thought.
      1. NightDragon72
        Instead of contacting a dev, you could always just post a suggestion in the Player Suggestions part of the forums..
        Aug 24, 2018
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    13. Liqinut
      Hello! I just wanted to suggest two ideas I've had since way back in 1.2:

      1. Sub-biome chests (i.e. like the jungle chest but for the sky biome, ocean biome, etc.)

      2. The Tempest Staff - creates a storm effect on screen dealing more damage to enemies the closer they get to the source.

      Terraria is a great game. I can't wait to see what the future holds!
      1. Seeabass
        Aug 22, 2018
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      2. Liqinut
        Totally forgot that it already exists. Thanks for the reminder.

        Another name could be squall: a sudden violent gust of wind or localized storm, especially one bringing rain, snow, or sleet. (Google)

        Although thinking about it more now it could really be a broken weapon. Still like the idea though
        Aug 23, 2018
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    14. IcarusX13
      Could you and the other people making 1.3.6 make some more ocean enemies, items, and stuff please? (I am making an ocean base)
    15. Tealbot
      Hey, can I report slight bugs here? If so, the actuator can be used on the Jungle Temple, thus, allowing players in before defeating plantera. Just a small thing that could most likely easily be fixed.
      1. Aurora3500
        Aug 17, 2018
      2. SilverBird
        There's no stopping people from getting into the jungle temple early, and this would definitely break a lot of maps
        Aug 18, 2018
    16. VEYROX 2
      VEYROX 2
      1. NightDragon72
        i'm pretty sure those are palladium columns..
        Aug 14, 2018
    17. FlameWolf8
      You know the Endless musket pouch ( and the endless quiver) right,
      I was also thinking, you could add versions that fire different kinds of bullets and ammo
      3996 Chlorophyte Bullets = Endless Musket Pouch (Chlorophyte Bullet)
      3996 Ichor Arrows = Endless Quiver (Ichor Arrow)
      1. altermaven
        I like the idea, but it seems to be a bit too easy to craft. Perhaps by making a means to modify existing pouches with a full (or half) stack of a specific material -- but keep in mind certain items will become OP so shouldn't be created in an "endless" version.
        Aug 13, 2018
      2. altermaven
        Which brings me to a rather wicked suggestion: any other uses for Shroomite or Spectral ingots?
        Aug 13, 2018
      3. FlameWolf8
        The endless musket pouch was added in And was crafted From 3996 Musket balls
        The required Crafting station was a Crystal ball
        Aug 13, 2018
    18. GoldenCraftTheTerrarian
      Hey, Cenx! Just want to say hi! Second of all, I've been working on this NPC for 1.3.6. It could be called the Hellspawn. It's friendly, unless killed, which summons after entering Hell. It only appears in Encased Hellstone. When broken, it could release a Hellspawn NPC. The picture of my NPC idea is in my Google+ account.
      1. GoldenCraftTheTerrarian
    19. Cenx
      Increasing max stacks all day!
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      3. FlameWolf8
        I was Thinking, Change Potion Stack from 30 to 90,000 (Mana Potions Would Go fro, 75 to 750,000)
        Aug 11, 2018
      4. Water Filter Salesman
        Water Filter Salesman
        Potions too?
        Aug 13, 2018
      5. ppowersteef
        I really should revisit my Terraria again and see which of my chest items are piling over of items with low stacks.
        Aug 14, 2018
    20. Zrakos
      Haha get followed, gotem.
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