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Changing Flask

If you expect my pre 1-st January self... it's dead.
If you expect my 2019 self or 2020 self - they're too, gone, a shame of my past.
January 15
The Sands of Change
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
Training myself for the fate future gives me.


Here's a Discord for convenience: Changing Flask#1783
Current avatar made by Ruthenium
Ask me anything. I'll answer.
For convenience, you can simply call me Flasking/Flasky/Flask.

Note: New Equestrian and English are the same language in my book.

This is for my and our convenience.
*Text* is for actions.
<Text> is for thoughts.
<<Text>> Is for radiospeaking/telespeaking.
"Text" is for New Equestrian/English.
"*Text*" is Draconic.
"(Text)" is reserved for Pokespeak.
"!Text!" is Old Equestrian/in case New Equestrian is different language from English.
"(Foreign country)Text", except for Polish (I can write in it well) is other country language.
"[Text]" is for voidspeak. (Only if Chir' requires something with it)
"<Text>" is for Gryphons/Gryffins/Hippogriffs.
"/Text/" is for Hivespeak or Changeling tongue.
Note - rest of characters are backed up in my PC.
Slots: [2/5]
Roleplay: A Tale of Two Countries
Languages: New Equestrian, can speak English due to similarties. Can understand Changeling, but cannot speak it.
Status: Minor chemical burns [face - head], minor blood loss (recovering), gunshot wound [shoulder, body, recovering, patched]. Minor physical trauma. Regeneration accelerated (Health Potion).
Species: Unicorn
- Marksmanship: Rank E [ Affects Sniper Rifles ]
-> Assassination: Rank F
- Martial Arts: Rank 0
- Magic: Rank 0
- Telekinesis: Rank E { Natural }
- Zebra Arts { Trait }
-> Alchemy : Rank C ( Cutie Mark )
-> Charm-making: Rank D
-> Chemistry: Rank C ( Cutie Mark )
- Survival: Rank D
Inventory: [ 17.93/50kg load at home ] [ 0/20 kg load overall ] [ Note: Can only have three potions at a given time on himself.
= Changeling Charm [Fragile] [Drained] [0.2 kg] - User can blend in the crowd. However, if user takes a hit while using the charm, it gets destroyed.
- Potions:
* Minor Strength Potion (1x)
* Greater Strength Potion (1x)
* Health Potion (1x)
* Paralysis Potion (1x)
* Brave Potion (1x)
* Brave Potion? (1x)
* Lesser Brave Potion? (1x)
* Minor Truth Potion (1x)
* Truth Potion (1x)
* Chameleon Potion (1x)
* Lesser Knowledge Potion (1x)
* Lesser Stimulant (1x)
* Major Stimulant (1x)
* Major Mending Potion (1x)
* Major Stamina Potion (1x)
* Poison Resistance Potion (1x)
* Major Inspiration Potion (1x)
* Sleep Potion(?) (1x)
- Herbs [1.02 kg]
- Notebook [0.1 kg]
- Various recipes [0.19 kg] (4 with mild inaccuracies, 15 fully working.)
- Brewing Kit [0.82 kg] [1/10 bottles]
^ Sniper Rifle [Weapon][Long Range]
- Zebra-adopted: Born with the unicorn blood, yet adopted by a zebra, you have innate understanding to both of your species special skills. You still are closer physically to unicorn, but closer mentally to zebra.
- Equestrian: Due to being an unicorn, you can use magic, if somepony teaches you. However, you get a disadvantage roll to Energy Gun attacks. (Take result one lower than on wound dice)
- Genoponesse Sniper: You can slightly predict people movement. Do not take a disadvantage roll when shooting a walking target, and only take a disadvantage roll when shooting a running/flying target (as opposed to outright missing).
Wound Dice: 5 / 6 / 9
Roleplay: A Tale of Two Countries
Name: Nicholas Neverowsky
Languages: English
Species: Human
Status: Mildly degenerated, scarred arm (gunshot wound), smoking addiction.
- Marksmanship: Rank D
- Tactics: Rank E
- Gunner: Rank D
- Survival: Rank F
- Stealth: Rank 0
- Melee: Rank F
Inventory: [ 1/16kg load ]
- 2x Pistol
- Cigarettes
- Bioengineered: Due to being modified genetically, you gain more strength, agility and stamina than normal human. But because your DNA was damaged, you may develop more dangerous illnesses or diseases than normally.
- Self-species Hate: You never forgive your kind for what happened to you. You have a major malus to diplomatic relations with humans, but also morale bonus when fighting them.
Wound Dice: 2 / 5 / 7
Roleplay: None
Name: Changing Flask?
Species: Unicorn?
Status: Fine
- Marksmanship: Rank 0
- Martial Arts: Rank 0
- Magic: Rank 0
- Telekinesis: Rank ?
- Zebra Arts: Rank ?
- Survival: Rank ?
- ??? (I don't know if to make him human turned zebra, human turned unicorn, zebra turned unicorn, unicorn turned zebra or whatever)
Inventory: ???
Wound Dice: 1 / 7 / 8
Roleplay: A Shift in Dimensions
Species: Pegasus
Status: Fine
- Flight: Rank F { Natural }
- Artisanry:
-> Fashion: Rank F ( Cutie Mark )
-> Sewing: Rank D ( Cutie Mark )
- Acrobatics: Rank F
- Survival: Rank F
- Grenadier: Rank 0
- Equestrian: Due to being a Pegasus, you can stand and move on clouds, while being able to move them and fly. However, ice will be powerful against you (take result one lower than wound dice)
- Practical: Despite having a cutie mark in sewing, you do it to repair the cloth rather than make new designs. Can repair any light armour or ordinary clothes.
Inventory: [ 3/18kg load ]
- Sewing Kit [3 kg]
Wound Dice: 3 / 5 / 6
Roleplay: A Shift in Dimensions
Species: Earth Pony
Status: Fine
- Hoof-to-Hoof Combat: Rank 0
- Gambler: Rank C (Cutie Mark)
- Small Arms: Rank 0
- Survival: Rank F
- Acrobatics: Rank 0
- Green Thumb: Rank F
- Equestrian: Due to being an Earth Pony, you can use your innate magic from your cutie mark better than usual. In contrast, you do not possess any magical abilities, and have to do everything by hoof. Yes, even your gambling.
- Gambler: You can double down on your luck, given your life is about gambling. You can take a reroll, and if you roll the same dice twice in a row, you'll ignore the implications and act like you rolled a natural 10. Else, take a lower result.
Inventory: [ 1/30kg load ]
- Gambler Kit [1 kg]
Wound Dice: 2 / 2 / 4


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