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Changing Flask

Zecora's hut.
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC


Ask me anything. I'll answer.
I prefer they/them pronouns, but you can also call me he/him.
Discord ID is Changing Flask#2467

Note: New Equestrian and English are the same language in my book.

This is for my and our convenience.
*Text* is for actions.
<Text> is for thoughts.
<<Text>> Is for radiospeaking/telespeaking.
"Text" is for New Equestrian/English.
"*Text*" is Draconic/Japanese.
"(Text)" is reserved for Pokespeak.
"%Text%" is Old Equestrian/in case New Equestrian is different language from English.
"(Foreign country)Text", except for Polish (I can write in it well) or Japanese is other country language.
"[Text]" is for voidspeak. (Only if Chir' requires something with it)
"<Text>" is for Gryphons/Gryffins/Hippogriffs.
"/Text/" is for Hivespeak or Changeling tongue.
"~Text~" means birdspeak.

Note - rest of characters are backed up in my PC.
Slots: [7*/5 - prove to me your RP is worth joining or making another character for, and I may break limit for it, for up to 8 slots.]

Roleplay: A Tale of Two Countries (Foreign Forums Counterpart: Life has many doors! - not applicable in TCF)
Languages: New Equestrian, can speak English due to similarities. Can understand Changeling, but cannot speak it.
Feralty: 0% (Naturally born civilized)
Status: Stressed. Minor physical trauma [shoulder, 10% more severe future injuries].
Species: Unicorn
- Marksmanship: Rank D [ Affects Sniper Rifles ]
* Assassination: Rank E
- Hoof-to-hoof: Rank 0
* Martial Arts
- Sulphuric Breath: Rank F (suppressed due to being an Unicorn)
- Changeling Magic: Rank F (suppressed due to being an Unicorn)
- Unicorn Magic: Rank 0
* Telekinesis: Rank E { Natural }
- Barter: Rank D
- Zebra Arts { Trait }
* Charm-making: Rank D
- Chemistry: Rank C ( Cutie Mark )
* Alchemy : Rank C ( Cutie Mark )
- Survival: Rank D
* Scavenging: Rank D
* First Aid: Rank F
* Flight: Rank F (suppressed due to being an Unicorn)
Inventory: [ 0/30 kg load on self ] [ Note: Can only have three potions at a given time on himself. ]
- Zebra-adopted (suppressed trait): Born with the unicorn blood, yet adopted by a zebra, you have innate understanding to both of your species special skills. You still are closer physically to gryphon, but closer mentally to zebra.
- Unicorn-born Gryphon: Due to being a Gryphon, you can fly. However, you get a disadvantage roll to Energy Gun attacks. (Take result one lower than on wound dice)
- Genoese Sniper: You can slightly predict people movement. Do not take a disadvantage roll when shooting a walking target, and only take a disadvantage roll when shooting a running/flying target (as opposed to outright missing).
- Unrestrained II: You slowly begin to understand that sometimes you have to kill. However, it may count as breaking a taboo in Equestrian society. Due to becoming a Changeling, it further got warped up, making you on par with humans on the cruelty potential.
Wound Dice: 3 / 5 / 9
Roleplay: A Tale of Two Countries
Name: Nicholas Neverowsky
Languages: English
Species: Nanite-Infused Avali (Can morph into eagle)
Blood level: Full
Status: Wounded arm (shot, bone shattered, stabilised).
- Tactics: Rank D
- Marksman: Rank D
- Survival: Rank D
* Flight: Rank E
A New Beginning: You’re old you, but you have your new goal. To get revenge burns through your veins like a painful remark of betrayal Marcus gave you.
Nanites: You can morph yourself into different beings, just like Changelings do. Currently you have memories of eagle, human and avali in your head. You also gain a restoration bonus to the roll.
Amnesiac: Seems like this bomb hit you harder than it looks like. Any skills you didn't do yet in your current life are unknown, and any memory-based traits are lost.
Wound Dice: 4 / 5 / 7
Roleplay: A Tale of Two Countries
Languages: English/Changelingtongue
Species: Changeling
Status: Okay.
- Magic: Rank C
* Unicorn Magic: Rank D
- Survival: Rank B
* Flight: Rank D
- Shapeshifting: Rank B (Natural)
[ ??? ]
A New Beginning: You’re old you, but you have your new goal. You’re filled by the regret that you’ve failed your hive and yourself, and that’s a drive to change yourself, wherever for better or worse.
Local Hivemind(Fallen Queen): You’re able to communicate non-verbally with other changelings. However, you’re no longer able to subjugate lower-ranks into it.
Wound Dice: 3 / 6 / 8
Roleplay: A Tale of Two Countries
Species: Lucario {Power Suit}
Status: Fine {Armour: Fine}
- Aura: Rank A {Natural}
- Markspokemon: Rank C
* Heavy Gunner: Rank C
- Grenadier: Rank C
* Heavy Demolition: Rank C
- Paw-to-Paw Combat: Rank C
- Mechanical: Rank B
* Robotics: Rank B
* Analytics: Rank C
- Survival: Rank C
* Acrobatics: Rank D
- Grenade Machinegun (x1)
- Machinegun (x1)
- Old Era Guardian II: He never had forgotten the times when the humans had first contaminated the world with their inventions and death. A tale passed by generation, yet he never stood for the side of forgivance. Except when the danger comes from above their powers, he’ll stand by and guard the past like his beloved child. Slight malus to diplomacy, major bonus to morale rolls against Voirot or other world-threatening solutions.
- Self-Repair: 14N0 comes with dispensable first aid kit, like Brotherhood of Steel of Fallout Universe has ones. In case of injuries sustained by user, as long as the suit is not too damaged, do not take bleeding wounds.
Wound Dice: 5 / 6 / 8
Nick: Vlad
Roleplay: An Unexpected Turn
Species: Pegasus
Language: Equestrian/English/Polish
Ferality: 100%
Rehumanification: 0%
Blood level: Moderate.
Status: Impaled front left leg (bandaged), clawed&broken wing(bandaged), clawed chest(bandaged). Fully feral. Emotional trauma (Recurrent nightmares), physical trauma (hind right leg and front left leg, moderate, next injuries will be 20% more effective against Vlad; right wing, minor, next wing injuries will be 25% more effective against Vlad; chest, moderate, next injuries will be 20% more effective against Vlad)
- Hoof to Hoof combat: Rank E
* Aerial Hoof-to-Hoof: Rank E
- Melee combat: Rank E { Disabled due to feralty }
* Maces: Rank E { Disabled due to feralty }
- Fixer: Rank D { Disabled due to feralty }
- Survival: Rank C
* Flight: Rank D ( Natural {disabled due to broken wing})
* Acrobatics: Rank E
* Escapist: Rank E
* Dangersense: Rank C ( Instinctual )
- Weather Control: Rank E ( Natural )
- 1x Combination Key (Mace-type weapon/tool)
Chemical Taint Neutraliser: You aren't susceptible to Silver Ridge toxins, due to drinking water spiced with the transformation liquid. Any toxin rolls from Silver Ridge automatically fail.
Revengenance Nightmares: You killed. Despite being a pony. It may feel satisfying, but deep down, you feel like it may be mistake.
Wound Dice: 7 / 5 / 8
Nickname: Trebonth
Roleplay: An Unexpected Turn
Language: English
Species: Snivy
Feralty: 20%[20% base] [Minimum persistent instincts: 20%, maximum: 60%] (Largely humane behaviour, with a hint of instincts)
Status: Fine
- Marksman: Rank D
- Grass Manipulation: Rank F
- Fire Manipulation: Rank 0
- Survival: Rank E
* First Aid: Rank E
* Tracking: Rank D
* Reconnaissance: Rank B
- 1x Knife
Unlucky: This is definitely not a Conker's Bad Day expy, but everything around you may go to hell. Negative events may have more consequences on you, and happen more often.
Venomous: Your venom is lethal in concentration. Attacks may instantly kill targets smaller, or the size of you. Without aid, can kill targets up to deer size.
Non-flammable/Draconic: Despite being a plant-like Pokemon... or at least being its modification, you're virtually immune to heat. Cold on the other hand...
Chemical Taint Neutraliser: You aren't susceptible to Silver Ridge toxins, due to drinking water spiced with the transformation liquid. Any toxin rolls from Silver Ridge automatically fail.


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