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  • Mana Cloak is garbage. If you use this thing, I beg you to tell me why.
    I mean if you have problems with tunnel visioning then the auto mana potion can be helpful.
    Toxophilite [East]
    Toxophilite [East]
    [Late] If it's just a better version of Star Cloak (which I already use... a LOT), I don't see a reason NOT to use it... 🤷‍♂️🥤
    Toxophilite [East]
    Toxophilite [East]
    [Late again] Also, in 1.4 I don't think most newer items are "dedicated" anymore, so you might have to go in with a Hybrid mindset, like with Berserker's Glove. 🤔🥤
    I see people throw shade at Calamity for making players fight SCal in a box but honestly, I think it’s the right call. The game is absolutely BLEEDING with Runaway methods that make the bosses absolute jokes and a great many bosses would become a lot more interesting if fought in a limited area.
    If I had any desire to play Terraria at all I would write a multiple-hour long commentary/critique of the entire game.

    Unfortunately I have grown to hate this game, so I’m going to do it for Celeste instead.
    Working on a snarkier, funnier, meaner style of writing, similar to that of Rusty's style from The Superforge.

    Hope it's fun to read lol.
    So today I learned that most of the testing for this game is done in multiplayer.

    If that’s the case, how does something like Duke Fishron only targeting one person for the entire fight slip through? He literally does not switch targets until that person dies.

    Either I’ve been lied to, or the playtesting in this game has some real issues.
    Empress of light. FTW. No Wings. No Mounts. No Damage-Blocking items. No Cheese of any kind. Pre-Cultist Gear.

    This took a huge amount of time and was a ton of fun.

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