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    tModLoader Metroid Mod

    Rip wave bank. It was so good before 1.4.3 arrived
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    tModLoader Metroid Mod

    This is amazing
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    tModLoader TerraTemp (Temperature/Climate Mod)

    I hosted a server with this mod. The only thing i keep encountering is enchantment books aren't working for modded armor. I was able to do it once and that's it, Wasn't able to do it again. I even tried resetting the server and nothing
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    tModLoader Metroid Mod

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    tModLoader Metroid Mod

    Imagine the emmi in its own dimension. One hit killing anyone.
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    tModLoader Warframe weapons mod

    Also don't that too. Keep in mind calamity and other mods have warframe weapons. Now lets just move on from here
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    tModLoader Warframe weapons mod

    Still disappointed nothing has come up. Its ded :(
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    tModLoader Metroid Mod

    I would definitely look forward to that music mod. If there was a config where it would replace vanilla music that would be excellent
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    tModLoader Colored Damage Types

    Can you add support for the hunter class. Its in metroid mod.
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    tModLoader Halo Weapons

    When is this going to get updated. Damage is low. Reforging weakens the weapon more. After one shot it shows negative damage.
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    tModLoader Ranger's Arsenal

    University is more important. I'm fine with what we have. Extra gunslinger still great. I included it on my terraria server list
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    tModLoader Ranger's Arsenal

    Still gonna wait until its released
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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

    So i have a friend who has this issue with tmodloader 64. Don't know how to help him with this.
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    tModLoader Starter Classes

    Will you be adding the hunter class from metroid mod.
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