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Recent content by CosmiKazie

  1. CosmiKazie

    CC Creation Compendium #81

    Yay, there I am! Thank you for putting me in this month's CC! And thanks to everyone who submitted!
  2. CosmiKazie

    first time entering, here's some art i made [MEDIA]

    first time entering, here's some art i made
  3. CosmiKazie

    Terraria Soundfont?

    i must know his secret
  4. CosmiKazie

    What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

    New Stardust Guardian attack, you say?
  5. CosmiKazie

    What is your favorite Terraria boss?.

    For me, the WOF is the best because it's the most fun to grind. So fun that I made it a cursed-ish image.
  6. CosmiKazie

    tModLoader HERO's Mod - Terraria Creative Mode + Server Management + And Over 25 tools

    Hey, how might I be able to spawn multiple town npcs of the same type?
  7. CosmiKazie

    The best name generator!

    What about Thor? Off-World. Captain America? Unavailable. Captain Marvel? ... What about I guess we could ask him...
  8. CosmiKazie

    "Terraria is a ripoff of Minecraft" comebacks

    “Why do you play a Minecraft rip-off?” said the Call of Duty, Battlefield, CS:GO, Doom, Fortnite, PUBG-player. “Why did you buy the same game 47 times?” replied the Terraria Intellectual.
  9. CosmiKazie

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    2 Arms Dealers arrived at the same time, without any casualties.
  10. CosmiKazie

    The Largest Parkour Map in Terraria (Project Begun on 6/24/2019) Dev Thread

    As of this message: Parkour Lobby is 95% complete Level 1 is 100% Complete Level 2 is 100% Complete Level 3 is about to be started
  11. CosmiKazie

    The Largest Parkour Map in Terraria (Project Begun on 6/24/2019) Dev Thread

    So, if you couldn't tell by the title... I'm going to try and set/break a record for the largest parkour map in Terraria. The map won't be large in levels (23, with 2 bonus levels, making it 25!) but it will be even larger in amount of jumps. Each level will take up approximately 1/25 of the...
  12. CosmiKazie

    Explain your avatar

    Just my username initials. In space.
  13. CosmiKazie

    PC Husk Lord

    Because this place isn’t the best place to ask, because we’re in a discussion. Anyways, this idea’s actually pretty interesting if you think about it. You’ve defeated the moon lord, definitely sealing away its evil power for good, making you the ultimate being of Terraria. But since your power...
  14. CosmiKazie

    WiFi Blocks (Wiring mechanic)

    Block: WiFi Block (comes in red, green, blue, yellow) Used for: Long distance wiring, when wiring far away would cost too much Method of obtaining: Bought from the Mechanic for 12 gold How it works: The WiFi Block provides a wireless signal for up to 750 ft. You can switch between various...
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