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  1. CrackTheSkye

    PC 1.2 constant 40-60 fps, 13 constant 3-18 fps?

    I have the same problem. I have Nvidia but Terraria does not show up in my program list on my Nvidia control panel and when I search for it, I can only find folder with players and world files, as well as desktop shortcut. I cannot select these to change settings. Any tips?
  2. CrackTheSkye

    1.3 Unplayable for me

    I have been eagerly awaiting 1.3 for awhile now. I finally got a chance to download update and give it a whirl. However, I was highly disappointed, not of the many new features, events, items, etc... but because the game is now unplayable for me due to extreme lag. Now I know that my laptop...
  3. CrackTheSkye

    Mech Boss Guide with Videos

    That's my problem. I don't have Vampire Knives so I've had difficulty making a dent on him. I'm working on getting Vamp knives tho. Just have to find a Crimson Key Mold (my main world is corruption). Thanks for response.
  4. CrackTheSkye

    PC WTB: Crimson Key Mold

    I am looking for a Crimson Key Mold! I can trade Jungle Key Mold for Crimson or I have various other Hardmode items that I would be willing to trade. Just state what you'd like in return. Also you must host server; I don't use Hamachi, never could get it to work, so if your wanting to...
  5. CrackTheSkye

    Mech Boss Guide with Videos

    Any chance you can add one for Duke Fishron?
  6. CrackTheSkye

    PC Wanted: Water Walking Boots

    Sorry I missed your post. Not sure when I'll be able to get back on Terraria again but I will get back with you. Sorry for all of the back and forth. I may be able to get on this weekend.
  7. CrackTheSkye

    PC Wanted: Water Walking Boots

    Pulsefox, I just am now seeing your response. I have never joined or hosted so that may be something you need to guide me through (sorry). Also, I am only able to get online on weekdays from 9AM - 3PM EST due to my busy work schedule.
  8. CrackTheSkye

    PC Wanted: Water Walking Boots

    I am still looking for these
  9. CrackTheSkye

    PC Wanted: Water Walking Boots

    My map didn't spawn with Water Walking boots so I am in need of some. Or Lava Waders I have gold I could give. As well as various other pre-hardcore items. Just let me know what you need. I've never made a trade before so I'll need to have someone guide me through it as well. Sorry for this...
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