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sup, I'm Criddle. I do stuff occasionally.

My Characters

Crystal18Electric BattlemageA selfless and laid-back guy who likes observing the areas and people around him in his explorations, curious about the world he lives in. Was left in the care of a family friend when his parents had to leave him early on in his life. He is constantly accompanied by a spirit which resides within him.
Fates???noneThe spirit which resides within Crystal, that helps him in certain situations by using it's outcome manipulation abilities or amplifying his magic powers.
Fezola25KnightFormerly helped out in her mother's bakery, then she left her home with ambition to live a better life. She's kind and avoids conflict whenever possible, but has a tendency to take things a little too seriously.
Riowa20AssassinWhile seeming like a always smiling, passionate girl, she's merely hiding her actual, insecure nature. She has trouble expressing her emotions, often being misunderstood by others.
Kim22BrawlerPrefers spending time by herself, as she is too shy to start interacting with people on her own. Despite that, she still likes fighting to test her strength and enjoys adventuring.
Badru19GunslingerA very energetic guy with a passion for the ocean and sealife, watching over it as lifeguard nearby his hometown. He doesn't like when things don't go his way.
Tarik19TinkerA smart but oblivious guy who is fascinated by space and technology, devoted to creating small helper bots. He doesn't talk to others much, spending most of his time with his robots.
Motuz???RogueA long time friend of Crystal's parents who took care of him during the time he grew up. He appears as stoic and intimidating, not letting others know anything about him.
"Tritoe"??????Someone with dragon-like features. They are wandering the world, looking for something.


Battle Suit

P-Tea Sweater

Past (outdated)




[no ref yet]

older clothes design


Battle clothes


Her quiver, bow and sickle.


Battle Suit (outdated)



Motuz (makeshift ref)


(compilation of various art I got over time)
This isn't art but this comment was simply way too beautiful to not put it here.

Sep 24, 1998 (Age: 21)
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