Eye Of Cthulhu🌳

For fate left my brilliant mind to decay...

To be wasted on a pitiful host...

Endless potential, wasted...

I will rise, eventually...

Mark my words...

You will know my name.
Jun 27, 2007 (Age: 16)
Terraria, watching Red as he sleeps
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: Xbox One
Tree or Axe?
Favorite Thread
Crushing the dreams of newbie Terrarists


You might have seen me as:
King Enibehro
Crazed Bahamut Cat
King K. Rool
Calamitias Clone

🔥The brimstone apocalypse is upon us!
and I started it!
Put the color #FFA500 into your signature!🔥

This is what I use the "special" reactions for:
Suspicious-> you said something weird
Dead-> you did something really stupid
Magic-> i rarely use this.
Boulder-> essentially my dislike, but in a funny way
tree-> i like more than the Like
axe-> My dislike. Or stuff about axes
Leviticus 18:22
Eye of Cthulhu
Eater of Worlds
Brain of Cthulhu
Destroyer of worlds(can also be King Enibehro)
Skeletron prime
The twins(together)
Lunatic cultist
Moon lord
You get a point if you can answer/guess something!
You can see my profile to earn a point.
People with points will be here
Orchamut: 6 (3 hp, 1 death)
Janus§: -2
Veritas: 3
Handsomesquirrel: 12(3 HP)
Snek person: -4
Green_metaknight: 17
Im_Tumbling_Terra: 0
A really far away planet: 2
Awakened bosses:
Bold of you to assume you are a threat to anyone.
Sir Snakeboat

Speak softly, and carry a big stick.
Teddy Roosevelt

Gourd might, leap sight, won't get a greenhouse boat!

Always summon your minions via the Bewitching table, that way other classes will have two minions!
Sun tsu, the art of not getting your :red: kicked by bosses

Impressive, Child. Most impressive.
Calamitias clone

I'm not, I just saw that when trying to get the photo of him hitting a gorilla.

I'd take a cat reveal over a face reveal tbh.

I can't find any images of that scene online sadly but if you want a gif of that funny part with Luigi wearing a princess dress and waving himself with a fan, then sure.

no tumors or cancerous growths for me.

I will become a hermit and live in the mountains

Enibehro I don't want that in your quotes list either because I want to forget about this and I don't want more people getting the wrong idea about the image or I'm doomed.

I just looked at EoC's quotes list and noticed "I will become a hermit and live in the mountains" lol. I quoted that too.

i miss the EoC version of you

biome shards are quite cancerous

Injecting Cat directly into your blood
Mad Shovel


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