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Recent content by Cyan Saviour

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    Mobile Terraria Mobile 1.3 Release Date Revealed!

    What time is it released?
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    Warding or Menacing?

    Which is a better reforge?
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    Push my luck?

    I wasn’t sure whether to risk getting damaged or shoddy or slow or something as I didn’t have enough money for multiple reforges. I did it anyway, and got quick.
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    Push my luck?

    I got an unreal Daedalus stormbow on my first Hallowed mimic. Then killed a crimson mimic and got regular fetid baghnakhs. Do I push my luck and go for a reforge?
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    PS4 Twins spawned naturally with no spawn message

    I didn’t have any sonar potions, and I paid special attention between 7 and 8 to make sure nothing would spawn. The message would’ve appeared over wood, as it was a completely artificial fishing spot, so the colour wouldn’t have made a difference.
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    PS4 Twins spawned naturally with no spawn message

    The twins spawned while I was fishing. I had had skeletron prime spawn on me two nights earlier so I was already checking but it never said it would be a terrible night. I went fishing in the hallowed biome and then the twins spawned in my fishing spot.
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    Ankh Shield Of Cthulhu

    There should be an expert-mode or master-mode exclusive item which combines the powers of the ankh shield and the shield of Cthulhu. I love the shield of Cthulhu but I feel that it becomes redundant quickly.
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    Shroomite digging claws should be able to mine jungle temple bricks.

    Shroomite digging claws are a post-plantera tool, so should be able to mine the walls of the temple. You can’t get digging claws until you already have the temple key, so either way you can get past the temple, but it makes hellevators even more needlessly complicated to mine. I understand that...
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    How do you organize your hotbar?

    1-Blade 2-Bow/gun depending on stage of game 3-Yo-yo 4-Backup weapon (summon/spear) 5-Pickaxe/Drill 6-Axe/Hamaxe/Hammer if I have a Drax 7-Heal potions 8-Secondary Backup (summon/spear) 9-Piggy Bank/Money Trough 10-Mirror/Cell Phone/Recall potions earlygame
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    Mobile Should I fight plantera or wait?

    Yeah, but I’ve also got a megashark with 999 chlorophyte bullets.
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    PS4 I recently introduced my little sister to terraria.

    A few days ago I introduced my sister to terraria. Now all she does is ask to play. At this point she’s halting my progress, but I feel bad telling her she can’t play. Does anyone have any tips so I can help her learn to play properly so she doesn’t hold me back any longer?
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    Mobile Titanium or Hallowed?

    I’m doing a mixed-class playthrough and cannot decide whether to use Titanium or hallowed armour. Titanium is helpful for the extra invincibility, but hallowed is useful for the extra damage and defence.
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    Mobile Should I fight plantera or wait?

    No dupes, just a lot of chlorophyte.
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    Mobile Should I fight plantera or wait?

    Thanks so much! I’m already clearing out an area for an arena, and I’ve got a megashark. Do you think 999 chlorophyte bullets is enough or do I need different bullets?
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    PS4 I can’t get a depth meter!

    I’ve killed nearly 400 jungle bats and haven’t got a single depth meter. Is this because: A) Jungle bats don’t drop depth meters B) Depth Meters aren’t on console C) RNG hates me D) Glitch
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