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    Aww sh*t... here we go again

    Aww sh*t... here we go again
  2. Cyrman

    PC Strange performance issues. Random, frequent lag spikes.

    This post is nearly 3 years old, what does that have to do with anything?
  3. Cyrman

    PC The state of 1.3.1 for PC

    Some day I can finish my adventure map... some day
  4. Cyrman

    Terraria Comic Book from DC Comics is Here!

    Yea.... no.
  5. Cyrman

    How long have you played Terraria for?

    I've played since it's release. Over the past 4 and a half years, I have racked up about 1700 hours across 2 steam accounts, about 60 on my Playstation Vita and even more if you count tEdit map creation.
  6. Cyrman

    Official Beta Testers Applications

    Oh my
  7. Cyrman

    Official Terraria: Official Soundtrack & 1.3 Soundtrack are Now Available!

    Finally, been waiting for a steam release of the soundtrack forever. Thank you so much!
  8. Cyrman

    Adventure Adventure! Cyrman Remix

    Nothing I really need yet, what I have now just needs fine tuning before I move on to the next part of the map. The most you can do at the moment is just give feedback on what I have posted so far. That being said, this months CC creation I submitted is part of the new Cherry Blossom Temple...
  9. Cyrman

    Yay for CC submission!

    Yay for CC submission!
  10. Cyrman

    CC entry I have for you [img]

    CC entry I have for you
  11. Cyrman

    An airship that i made in some spare time

    That is absolutely amazing, also wondering, what background wall did you use for the sail?
  12. Cyrman

    Terraria: Otherworld On a Quest for Otherworldy News!

    Looks great, I really love the Witch Doctor and Mechanic sprite(that's what they are called, right?). If it is coming to console, can you guys at least keep exclusive content out of all platforms? It's really annoying when one version has content that you can't get anywhere else.
  13. Cyrman

    Adventure Adventure! Cyrman Remix

    Quick update about what is coming up. I'm working on a massive content teaser currently named the Cherry Blossom update. It's going to have lore, mechanic explanation, and details on a possible open beta. I expect it to be out by this weekend. I'm out.
  14. Cyrman

    PC Post Your 1.3 base here!

    You don't absolutely need to make them look good if it's just a base for quick access use, but having something pleasant to look at can put you in a positive mindset and keep you goal focused. Plus look at something you made and it having it look really good can make you proud of yourself.
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