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Recent content by D3C0Y864

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    PS3 WTS: Anything you Want

    I'm trying to get my hands on Razorpine, Blizzard staff and Vampire blades if possible
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    PS4 Selling High-end Items

    What kind of blocks are you looking for?
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    PS3 WTS: Crimson Mold Key and Frozen Mold Key

    I don't have the key molds but i have a Celestial stone and the rainbow gun if you wanted to trade for those
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    PS4 Need Dungeon chest items PS4

    Hello, I am in need of frostmoon/pumpkinmoon items, Dungeon chest items(vampire knives,blizzard staff, scourge of the corruptor), Ice skates, Assorted vanity items. i am willing to trade any type of soul, any bar, Legendary picksaw, Rod of Discord, Paladin's Hammer, Possessed hatchet, Inferno...
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