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  • I stopped the Minecraft pixel art in Garry's Mod out of various factors.

    A major one being a desire to make a more serious effort in spritework. Things will change tomorrow. Terratober's coming up and I feel more excited.

    Something's taking shape in Terraria One. Perhaps the emphasis on freebuild is wise.
    Once more, I'm an observer and had no input in this construct! `:)
    The Player between me and Emily created it.
    Thanks for the two members that spoke up about some character flaws I have that prevent me from a satisfactory string of profile messages.

    It's never too late. Issues can be found outside one's given Terraria release and can be resolved through community.
    I'm proud to be a mobile Terrarian. When other affairs on those devices won't suffice for me, the lovely game got me covered. It's not just the version, but varying personalities of fellow Players. A greater drive to build, dig, and explore. `:)
    Never before has the phrase "Show, don't tell" apply this much someone in a Squidward costume dabbing upon request.


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    What stops me from wondering exacts about Modiverse vehicle support is the consideration to request a change to the Mod and Play thread so its subject is about MV.
    For once, I want to be the member complimenting another on imposing a more beautiful forum presence.

    Sharing is caring, right? `:confused:
    Maybe... Just maybe suggest some other threads members can participate in while they wait for an update that should fix problems they come to seek help for?

    In this day and age, it's not too difficult having a large public Discord server. The engagement doesn't feel the same. The ease of getting swept up in moments of intense discourse are high.
    It shouldn't take six or more years to finalize the release of threads. I feel as if the subsequent updates on formerly "Chat for Gamers" made things less organized. There remains a place for TCF with reasons to maintain some presence, especially in these times and more sound engagement. `:)
    Super premium ice cream may take a little more time to soften. Don't forget the milk as it may be a little more necessary for blender synergy.
    When all goes well, the milkshake to end homemade milkshakes ensue. `:happy:

    Testing flavored and unflavored milk must've did the trick.
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