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Recent content by DaPielord

  1. DaPielord

    Town of Salem Thread

    Hello everyone! Relatively recently, I started playing a game called Town of Salem. It is based off the party game mafia, with a ton of new roles. Share your favorite roles, best moments etc. For example my favorite roles are Jailor and Spy. - DaPielord
  2. DaPielord

    PC [Sprites]Metal Grate (opposite of the bubble block)

    Like many suggestions, why not? +1 support!
  3. DaPielord

    WIP Celestial Boots (End-Game boots)

    Also, I was thinking about a cool particle effect for it. I was thinking of having energy spheres that slowly decrease in size as an particle effect. I'll make some concept art when I get the time.
  4. DaPielord

    WIP Celestial Boots (End-Game boots)

    This is a really good idea, as the frostspark boots do become obselete. Support!
  5. DaPielord

    Sprites A Few Summoner Additions!

    These are really nice. Support!
  6. DaPielord

    Terraria Bad Ideas

    John Cena as the final boss. Good luck everyone!
  7. DaPielord

    Movie General MCU Discussion Thread

    So the phases was just an idea on the internet? And the phase idea is that the MCU is split into three phases, phase 1 being Iron Man to The Avengers, Phase 2 being everything from Iron Man 3 to Ant-Man, and Phase 3 being Civil War to Captain Marvel. And I just looked on the wiki and it says...
  8. DaPielord

    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    I play Pokemon Go, and I'm level 8. #TeamMystic
  9. DaPielord

    Casual Pet Praises

    Trying to find the chemical compositions of things. I'm a nerd.
  10. DaPielord

    Terraria Movie

    Hi Everyone, First off, this is not a thread about requesting a Terraria Movie. I just wanted to know if I would be allowed to make a Terraria movie for a school project. I just want to borrow the idea of the game, not the music or anything else. What I will be using is weapons, mobs and...
  11. DaPielord

    Skeletron MK2 prime

    I read the other thread, and it seemed quite good. I was wondering what it would look like? It's definitely got potential.
  12. DaPielord

    Descender (An Accessory Using Rope)

    This would be awesome, but what would it look like? And could it maybe be combined with wings?
  13. DaPielord

    Official Calling All Terrarians: TCF needs you!

    Does this mean you have to distance yourself from the community a bit, like not hopping on one side of a debate in the suggestions area. Also, just making sure, but maturity is more important than age in this, isn't it? Thanks!
  14. DaPielord

    Movie General MCU Discussion Thread

    Hi Everyone! I made this thread to discuss the MCU currently, where it has been, where it will go and why. For example, where do you think the MCU will go after phase 3? Thanks, DaPielord.
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