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    Mobile bug with Teleporter

    (alternative name of post: spy sappin' my teleporter :c) Here is a .gif, that shows my problen on arena vs. Plantera. I want to use my teleporters to run away from plantera, but... it's broken. (.gif on site is slow)
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    If i will kill moonlord (for 1 time in my history), i'm gonna upload my main world for Terraria...

    If i will kill moonlord (for 1 time in my history), i'm gonna upload my main world for Terraria (I have feelings that yesterday in 1.2.4 i killed fishron and it was so cool, darn)
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    Bosses - Easiest to Hardest

    [Very easy] King Slime Eater of World and Brain Of Ctulhu eye of ctulhu [easy] Golem The Twins Skeletron Prime Lunatic cultist [Medium] Queen Bee Destroyer Wall of flesh [Hard] Skeletron Queen of slime [I HATE IT] Plantera Duke Fishron Impress of light Moonlord
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    A Random Ask Me Anything

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    Mobile How many Altars should i destroy

    You can break as many you want, but leave 1 altar to craft boss summons and so on.
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    Mobile Best pre mech armor for Ranger

    Best pre-mecha armor by my opinion is frost armor, i don't know why , but it have better stats hallowed armor and a with 1 armor less than chlorophyte armor. so , i would make frosten armor.
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    is this account 3 years old?

    is this account 3 years old?
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    Mobile How to move world from terraria to mobile deticated server?

    I am playing terraria with my friends terraria on mobiles with local multiplayer. But the problem is, that my server is very laggy. I have great intenet (90 mbit/s average), great phone (samsung galaxy s21+). like for example: my friend has been hit by skeletron primes hand , he goes away from...
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    Hello, i'm new! ^w^

    Hello, i'm new! ^w^
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