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Delta Bec Noir

A dude who is suffering from the fear of failure... And anger issue's too, but not to worry, I'm a pretty nice guy, uh as long as I'm not pushed too far but anyway.

I am basically a normal terraria player, but I also own a terraria mod called Annihilation [ You can join the discord server here discord.gg/Kbkc2Xa ] but I do Pixel Art/Sprites and Digital Art as a hobby preferably. I also work on Slinkycoil's mod called Paradox as a spriter and concept artist

I also happen to work on a side project based around my major idea's of both old and new that I have had, and put them all into a story, and possible side stories
Dec 18, 2003 (Age: 17)
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC, Terraria: Xbox 360, Terraria: Mobile, Terraria: Xbox One


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Delta Bec Noir#8732
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