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Recent content by DenizenBlack

  1. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader (W.I.P.) TRAE Project

    if you're like me and dont have a discord and you dont want one jus open up tmodloader properties go to the betas section and plug it in seems like a bad :red: mod bout to try it will this work with modded spears too? same question for mods that alter vanilla stuff like Fargos has a mod i think...
  2. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Eternal Resolve - A 1.4 content mod

    spent a few days checking out the PreHM content gotta say Bravo HQ stuff right here mod is all i wanted unique sword animations (limited to 1 animation in different sizes so far) + new styles with Rapiers i just really hate the same ol boring big n' fast swinging sword that shoots lots of...
  3. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Castled's Equilibrium

    oooh sweet
  4. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Castled's Equilibrium

    summoned the superintendant after like 18 rounds it said that there was an error that some super ultra scan name wasnt found or something initiated sell back? cant remember the error messages fully not sure if its part of the event but i lost quite a bit and gained nothing personally not too...
  5. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Rimuru Tempest mod

    im a fan of tensei slime the hair is alright everything else makes me sad but i dunno what i was expecting in fairness ig.. sprite work would be pretty hard especially for this i'll probs check this forum out if there are mod updates to see what the end product looks like good luck
  6. DenizenBlack

    PC Beyond the Stars: A Terraria Expansion Project

    hold up... excuse me what what is thiiiiiiis? wasn't expectin to be overloaded by so many high level ideas
  7. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Erilipah Re-Re-Release

    ye ye ye -abandoned
  8. DenizenBlack

    Pings for Everyone!

    my guy what kind of demonic mod is this why would you do this
  9. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader [0.1] Mystic Hunter

    question do you need a new world to use this mod ik there are some mods that have items that can only be obtained through chests
  10. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Summoners Association

    wonder how this will work 1.4 with weapons like Terraprisma theres also that minions expanded mod that has a sword bound to you as well
  11. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Azercadmium Mod

    we need some pics the icon on tmod looks like it has pretty good art though
  12. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Disarray Re-Release

    glad i could help another thing just stumbled across used the volcanic idol to revisit the catacombs cuz i left some of the potion chests full minute i spawned in the b0ss arena was surprised to find out the spikes had kinda flooded the catacombs itself making it practically inaccessible and...
  13. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Universe's Knowledge

    i like the sprites digging the name sense but thats just about it cant say im a fan of any of the projectiles, but imo True Demon has the best one for what its worth
  14. DenizenBlack

    tModLoader Disarray Re-Release

    after a break i took a crack at modded terraria again a few things (others may have brought this up), about customized weapons (well swords at least) if you are 'cursed' while the swing animation doesn't play you still deal damage within some range from the player if you hit a bound/unconscious...
  15. DenizenBlack

    Equipment Loadouts

    i love this idea surprised this wasn't made much sooner two questions is it compatible with multiplayer, im gonna recommend this to some folks and the spinning totem head, is that form this mod or another one? havent seen it before
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