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  1. dennisw100

    PC Source code or updated decompiling guide for

    If decompiling the game is easy like you said why would this make people share around the code more as they may do now?
  2. dennisw100

    Tool WinTerrEdit - An up-to-date inventory / player editor

    when I try to load my character I get this it does load the players inventory but I cannot change anything or switch into the other inventorys like bank etc. it is a Journey character
  3. dennisw100

    tModLoader Consolaria

    idk if you know but tmodloader is on steam tModLoader on Steam there will probably not be a workshop cause the ingame mod browser is already very good There is no information about the update reales yet I actually dont expect it to still realeas this year but nobody knows
  4. dennisw100

    tModLoader Sonic The Hedgehog Mod (W.I.P)

    I think if you already would have some sort of Starting point you cannot expect that magically people will come and make everything for you you also have to do something I can code tools and some weapons if you need that
  5. dennisw100

    tModLoader GamerLearnsToCode Mod

    Did you already try some coding its not very hard you can use the code of my mod on my github page as a starting point I would also recomed you the mod skeelet creator that makes all the files that are 100% necessary for making any mod
  6. dennisw100

    tModLoader Useful Junk

    Why ore and not Bars?
  7. dennisw100

    PC Source code or updated decompiling guide for

    well I was able to decomple 1.3 pretty well with ILSpy but later 1.3 versions I was not able to it just didn't work so I don't think 1.4 will work with it. If you make a mod that bases many items on vanilla terraria items like my mod does it is crucual to know how they are made in the vannila...
  8. dennisw100

    PC Source code or updated decompiling guide for

    I would like when Re Logic would just make the game open source its not like the copy protection does really help stooping pirates and for new modders it can be really hard to decompile the game for there modding needs
  9. dennisw100

    tModLoader Better take a Power Tool - Electronic counterparts for a lot of tools

    The last update was before 1.4 came out but the code is made in a way that it basically copies the most of the stats of the original tools so when tmodloader updates to 1.4 the most of the stats would automatically change without me having to update the mod if the mod would still work on 1.4...
  10. dennisw100

    tModLoader Subworld Library

    I noticed that np I know one Austrian YouTuber who was making a Moon Mod idk if he is still working on that his last Programming Livestream is already 3 years ago but I think this Mod could really help him cause he just putted the Moon on top of the World instead of in a different World
  11. dennisw100

    tModLoader Subworld Library

    ah ok I see
  12. dennisw100

    tModLoader Subworld Library

    What is Pinky's Mod?
  13. dennisw100

    tModLoader Subworld Library

    Hm ok just from the picture I cannot really see any new worlds I guess I have to try them later
  14. dennisw100

    tModLoader Subworld Library

    I put your mod in my signature to support it. Did you saw the edit to my other massage I did?
  15. dennisw100

    tModLoader Subworld Library

    So if someone wants to travel there all people on the server have to follow Did somebody already made a Mod based on your mod? I would like to see how that would be ingame
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