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Recent content by DeuxGzuis

  1. DeuxGzuis

    New Update breaking my computer when game crashes

    Hello again. it seems like my game was on cloud save and so the file i sent you didnt actually have my save and world, sorry about that. I played a bit more after moving my saves back to local and it seems the crash happens regardless of anything happening (but was strangely getting triggered...
  2. DeuxGzuis

    New Update breaking my computer when game crashes

    Hello, i guess i was too early to celebrate, it happened again shortly after. There's no folder called Logs in my my game/terraria. It happened when i mined this iron vein Here's how you get there
  3. DeuxGzuis

    New Update breaking my computer when game crashes

    Hello. So after your request i've entered the game preparing myself to take a screenshot and possibly risk another one of those crashes, but as i slowly made my way down my elevator, mining block per block, as slowly as i could as i illuminated blocks around the hellevator to spot the blocks...
  4. DeuxGzuis

    New Update breaking my computer when game crashes

    Whenever i mine a specific block in my hellevator my game crashes (i have no idea what block it is, it looks different from a normal dirt/stone block, might be a new one, i have no idea what block it is), not only it crashes, but it leaves no crash log of any type and it frickin breaks my...
  5. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader The Enigma Mod

    Cant make this mod work with the new web milos version, i updated it in the mod browser and now it doesnt work anymore. webmilos and this mod is automatically disabled by tmodloader when i try to open the game, otherwise it gives me lots of error messages.
  6. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader Dynamic Invasions

    Man the concept of this mod is seriously great, i hope we can see some further additions in the future.
  7. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader W.I.P Beyond The Forgotten Ages Mod

    Hello, i would like to report a bug with the Old one army. This mod makes the Event not progress at all, like Wave 1 - 0%. It only progresses if i'm very close to the goblins when i kill them, otherwise it don't do anything and i can sit in the crystal for a eternity with my minions killing...
  8. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader Experience and Classes

    Is it just me or is the commands not working. I Tried /expbar /expbar show /expbar true /expbar enabled /expbar hide /expbar false I tested everything and nothing worked no matter what i typed.
  9. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod

    Hello, i would like to report a bug when creating a world with this mod enabled in terracustom, this mod seems to be crashing the world creation for some reason. Using the mod on a already created world seems to be working fine tho.
  10. DeuxGzuis

    Can't Deal Damage from afar against Old Ones Army, Help

    I don't know why, but i have to be within a certain range from the enemy to actually deal damage to them, so if i'm not in this ''range''/close to the enemy, projectiles or magic deals no damage. I will post 2 Images, one is the normal Night's Ray range, as you can see it goes pretty far into...
  11. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader Kalciphoz's RPG Mod

    This is not necessarily a Bug, but it could break progression, which is HP, the Game don't register the HP from the Mod, so even tho i have more than 1000HP, the game only register the 160 i have (Heart Crystals) the point is, since i used the Heart Crystals and it didn't increase my HP, i...
  12. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader Kalciphoz's RPG Mod

    So why Vanilla Health and Mana bonuses don't work anymore? Heart Crystals and Mana Crystals don't increase hp or mana anymore, okay i understand if it was disabled, but why Accessories and armor effects? i use this huge list of mods and some of them add a huge upgrading tree to some accessories...
  13. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader Virtuous Weapon Pack

    I found no problem with Thorium's bard or healing weapons, i think it may be a incompatibility with Kalciphoz RPG Inventory, because when i pick up the ''Facade'' item, the entire UI disappears, the only option i can see on screen when i press Esc is Settings. the inventory and gear UI disappears.
  14. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader Virtuous Weapon Pack

    I would like to report a Bug, everytime i pick the item ''Facade'' which drops from Skeleton, the entire game just bugs and crash when i try to save, the moment this item enter my inventory everything just bugs, if you try to replicate this and don't find the bug, try using Kalciphoz RPG mod, it...
  15. DeuxGzuis

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    So here is the Thing, seems like the Drop Rate for Ruin Keys are pretty low, and it's impossible (or not?) to drop the Rusty Lantern (Ancient Dragon SUmmon), also i cheated Rusty Lantern and it don't works, even if u stand near the ruin altar nothing happens. I literally killed more than 1000...
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