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Digitus of Aegis
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  • More expresso,less depresso.
    By the way im working on a mod,but since i dont know how to make bosses or codes or biomes that mod will never exist.
    Confirmed,my Tech world mod will never exist.
    What i think when i see so much messages of something has awoken.
    1.Someone is already bothering.
    2.I'm going to get my best weapon.
    3. See what happened.
    4.But what happened !?
    5.I am going to leave.
    6.Oops! A dollar elsewhere! I'll be right back.
    7.Fck this :red: im out
    So...Welp,i decided to make something like a Calamity forum...Just because i think its gonna be interesting...So...There we go
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