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  • Alright, i just realized the method i use it's from before a patch.
    In my patch, the prism stones give 100 souls when you feed them to frampt, so you could get 8000 souls easily, i am sorry if i betrayed you guys.
    King Crimson, The World or Star Platinum
    Hmm...I choose King Crimson, The World or Star Platinum are good, but, like Jotaro said, The World is the same stand as SP, but i choose King Crimson.
    I know Time Stop would be nice, but i like to skip my own dialogue, thanks.
    And you?
    That's all.
    Me: Plays any song in existance*
    One of my friends: Omg that is from tiktok they stole it...
    Like playing Giorno’s theme at school on stage on the piano and some 8 yr old screams I stole it from tiktok
    (This wasn’t me, it was a meme)
    That...That hurts me, like, why?
    I mean, i have seen the anime, and all that, and when i see the theme of Giorno being used for EVERYTHING except JoJo is like, why?
    Then we have those kids that when you play a single song, just a song, they say:
    OmG ThAt iS fRoM TiKtOk tHeY sToLeeee
    And more annoying, when they use a song for everything except the thing it belongs from.
    For example, a song named JoJo, from a youtuber named Apollo Fresh, and most of the comments are from tiktok persons using this for everything except JoJo, and all that.
    I feel like TikTok users just pick a random song that sounds good for them, use it, and do whatever they feel like.
    (About my previous status, the guy in armor and all that is a joke, i meant Havel and his weapon, in any case someone was confused)
    Me before Dark Souls: Just a chill guy drinking Cola.
    Me after Dark Souls: Every sound is a signal for me to stay ready for combat.
    Today, is the day, where my journey across the cursed lands of Dark Souls starts...
    Is this...Fear? This is...What they said...Was true.
    *knock knock knock*
    Wait guys, someone in a heavy armor with a giant hammer is in my door, brb.
    If anyone wants to play a Minecraft Modded server with me, contact me and ill give the details.
    Have a nice day.
    (Also, version 1.12.2)
    (Also, comment if you want to be in it, have a good day)
    When the lights go out in Among us and you are in electrical...
    R U N
    Just started to play Borderlands 2, playing with Zer0 is the most extreme experience i have been in.
    Also, in ps3 cars in Borderlands 2 just go weeee.
    Any tips?
    I have a question for all of you.
    If you were a pokemon, what would your type / entry / ability be?
    Mollusk Man
    Mollusk Man
    Type: Water/Ghost

    This pokemon used to be a human who died due to overheating. Now that it is a ghost it has incredible power and will kill anyone who caused it pain before it died.

    Ability: Soul Absorb: Heals more if more pokemon faint during the battle.
    Type: Ghost / Steel.

    Entry: This pokemon uses any information agaisnt his enemy, confusing the enemy, and all the humans or pokemons around him.

    Ability: Type Absorb: Changes the type of the move the enemy in case he uses a effective move.
    (I hope i wrote it right)
    World: Rans out of time*
    Most of my antagonists that control time:
    Well, nine, but i know that if i use them together the protagonist would just die in a second.
    But you have a point, i should use other powers.
    I only have two. One who is literally Time (and Space) itself and the other is a rather unfortunate soul scattered across it, and is also in service to the other, who has the ability to just appear where ever he wishes.
    The rather unfortunate soul scattered across time and space isn't exactly capable of directly interacting with the material world. As such, most of the time he acts like an impartial observer to events that interest him. The other, of course, is just outright indifferent to mortal affairs unless specific mortals try to mess around with the fabric of time and space.
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