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  1. E253MechaShadow

    tModLoader ModLocalizer - A tool to create localization for tModLoader mods

    I might be necroposting, but I got pretty much the same error
  2. E253MechaShadow

    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    Here's a major problem I have. I'm using the 64-bit branch of tModLoader and quite a number of mods: Most of the time when I try loading more content mods and starting the game, it functions very strangely: - none of the NPCs can be talked to; - pressing ESC doesn't access the inventory, the...
  3. E253MechaShadow

    tModLoader Antiaris

    Okay, sorry for bothering you. I doubt that it's specifically your mod's fault now, because some other mods have been causing the same problem, e.g. Fargo's Souls, AlchemistNPC and Calamity Vanities.
  4. E253MechaShadow

    tModLoader Antiaris

    I came across a problem... I installed this mod and applied it to a save with a pre-existing character and a pre-existing world. I can't close the quest tracker because the default shortkey doesn't work (I know it's "Q", but the description shows "?"). Besides, I can't open the inventory since...
  5. E253MechaShadow

    tModLoader Dictionary of Prefixes - Reforging Expansion Mod

    Really cool addition. Might I suggest the Russian translation?
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