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Recent content by Ecna

  1. Ecna

    Greatest Desire (TCF Related)?

    To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!
  2. Ecna

    PC In your opinion, what is the toughest invasion to defeat?

    Pirates are damn near impossible if you're not prepared.
  3. Ecna

    Humorous Bad Pun Thread

    jokes end always lives on through its music
  4. Ecna

    Humorous Bad Pun Thread

    I've got some amaizeingly corny jokes, if you're all ears.
  5. Ecna

    Random Videos & Images Thread

  6. Ecna

    Humorous Are you a squid or a kid?

    I personally identify as a splatatatata
  7. Ecna

    Can someone make me an avatar?!?! for freeeeeeee

    Good work ain't free
  8. Ecna

    Easiest Mechanical Boss? (Poll)

    Destroyer gets... well... destroyed by piercing weapons like Golden Shower or Jester Arrows. Daedalus Bow + Holy Arrows shreds him as well Not to mention you get the Megashark from him
  9. Ecna

    tgt hype

    tgt hype
  10. Ecna

    PC No Meowmere? ;_;

    Instances like these have never happened to me in my 600 hours. Not in all of the items I've grinded for: Paladin's Hammer, Nazar, Rod of Discord, etc. Can anyone confirm they are having the same issue as Kardfogu?
  11. Ecna

    How to fix this glitch on Terraria for Mac?

    All I can think of is it's a problem on your computer. Other than that...
  12. Ecna

    PC No Meowmere? ;_;

    I have a feeling this is just extreme confirmation bias
  13. Ecna

    What is your favourite class?

    Ranger master race cuz fun & and has ridiculous DPS. It's a shame they're so squishy and can't get health as easily as Mage or Warrior tho
  14. Ecna

    Share here your awesome tips!

    Fishing is generally OP, from the Reaver Shark to Crates it provides a large amount of benefits. The only downside is bait a acquisition and fishing being pretty boring.
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