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Hello there! I'm Stefan, and I live in Romania. I'm currently pursuing highschool education, hoping that after graduation, I'll obtain a scholarship for any university that allows for a degree in psychology, foreign languages (mainly English), journalism, IT and/or sociology.

My hobbies include playing
videogames (but then again, I share that trait with everyone on this forum :p), reading, writing poetry from time to time, watching anime and YouTube, and daydreaming. my favourite color is sky blue.

I'm generally an open person, who seldom declines experiencing new things. However, I'm very thorough and systematical with just about everything; whether it's exploring the full level of a game, solving homework or knowing everything there is to know about a random subject. I also enjoy socializing, and making sure everyone has 'a shoulder to cry on' , if need be.

Don't get me wrong, I also have flaws. Lots of 'em. I tend to get anxious around new people and situations that shouldn't even be 'anxious-ized' in the first place. I overanalyze things, up to the point where things appear to be 10 times worse than they actually are. Over the years, though, I have learnt how to cope and pass some of these flaws, and I'm certain that with the passage of time, I'll start changing for the better.

On a happier tone, my favourite music would consist of a combination of EDM, pop, alternative (pop), house, but I'll cherish anything that sounds good. Some of my favourite artists are Marina And The Diamonds (MATD), Lana Del Rey, Troye Sivan, Amy Winehouse and Beyonce. My favourite song is Lies (by MATD), because it describes certain aspects of my relationships in such a moving way. My favourite album actually consists of two albums: Electra Heart and The Family Jewels (Both signed MATD - are you seeing it yet? Yes, MATD is my favourite artist), for the fact that together, they tell a story: My story, and anyone's story. There is a 'holy trinity' ; There is a third album, Froot (Yes, that is how it's spelled), in which this extremely talented singer AND songwriter returns as an empowered version of herself, ready to embrace life and coming to terms with everything that happened until then. Of course, the occasional romanticism is present, but it's making such a discreet appearance, it only boosts the value of the record. Alright, so since this is a bio, and not an album review, I'm gonna leave it at that, greatly encouraging you to listen to some of her songs, old and new alike. After all, you won't lose anything, and it may just get you a new favourite artist.

My favourite genre of games would have to be open-world games, such as Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, No Man's Sky (you get it). I also really enjoy
well-made RPG's and MMORPG's (Yes, Undertale, I'm looking at you). I enjoy any game with an intricate storyline, that keeps you coming back for more. I play shooter games occasionally as well.

You still have questions about me, want to play a game together, or need help with anything? Don't hesitate to shoot me a PM. I'll answer ASAP!

See ya around!
December 24
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
Student, First Year of Highschool.


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