-I tried to do a blind Master Mode playthrough with a Hardcore character. Once I find out how to increase spawn rates, I will start up an even harder challenge.

-My profile pic was Ocram for a long time, until Duke Fishron came by, and then Duke was eaten by Ocram.

-If you need me, contact me in a PM or a post on my profile. My time zone is CST, so keep that in mind when contacting me.

-I have never played Fortnite, except for the time when I forgot the controls on an Xbox controller and kept launching Fortnite by accident at a Microsoft store.

-5 favorite video games are Terraria, Minecraft, Untitled Goose Game, Super Mario Maker 2, and Pokémon Black Version 2.
-I used to speedrun Untitled Goose Game, and I hope to soon get a world record in it. I missed one by around fifteen seconds.
-I speedrun Among Us. It is quite enjoyable, and I do recommend it.
-I quite like competitive Pokémon battling, especially the format VGC 2023 Regulation C. If you would like to have a battle with me, just let me know!
-I exist. You should keep that in mind.

-Join the Electroman102 discord server Discord Server, even though it’s dead.
-I hope to start a YouTube channel soon
October 14
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Xbox 360
  3. Terraria: Mobile
  4. Terraria: Xbox One
Trying to come up with ridiculous challenges


How nice
Feeling dissatisfied. Have any Terraria challenges? Let me know!
“Only if you give me a cheeseburger” -Redigit
“The shroom go vroom” -Terraria
“I’m going to stab you very soon” -(peb)ble
“I’m going. To insert. My knife. Forcefully. Into your stomach.” -(peb)ble
“Have one! Help me stab!” -(peb)ble
Join my discord server!
Join the Electroman102 discord server Discord Server!



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