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my favorite pokefam pokemon
July 9
the Unova region
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Nintendo 3DS


aha, it seems you have found my signature
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EXPNPAN aww I can't make the text size bigger...

Elemental (me
) hex color #401fc7

Alex: (a sane murderer
) Hex color a01803

Aro (A terraria archer) hex code: #3fa626
Lucas (likes bees and can make real honey) hex color #fbb300
Vileon (A poison type Eeveelution name is from vile) hex color #550279
Mal (she is a magician that seeks for someone like her) hex code #612380
Sakkaku (A Zoroark that uses his Illusions to play pranks or to help people.
) hex code #7a0101

Coco (a dog that has melted chocolate on his tail. Is very friendly and loves to play
) hex code #5e2a0d

Mumble (A demon that found it can go to earth and is friends with Alex) hex code #3b2e48
Necao: (can make huge whirlpools and her name is an anagram of ocean
) hex code: #026AF8

Hollow (A ghost that lost its way and is trying to find its way back home) hex code #97b4a8
Adamaseon (Steel-type Eeveelution name is from adamas ancient greek for steel) hex code #695280
PFQ Hollow (Is good friends with Mal. Is pretty nice but plays a lot of pranks with magic.
) hex code #9d11c0

Fluxosen (is quite fierce with her territory, and is an amazing swimmer
) hex code #E4971B

PFQ Biscuit: (Loves to play. Can evolve into any Eeveelution and devolve back into an Eevee at will.

) hex code: #c17c44

Duneon (Fighting-type Eeveelution name is from Dunamis ancient greek for power) hex code #f2921c
Rockeon (A rock type Eeveelution that was created after an Eevee well ate a bunch of rocks) Hex code #79370B
Crimno: (can create tiny fire whirls but if two fire whirls touch then it creates a bigger fire whirl
) hex code: #E71D31

Phanteon (a ghost-type eeveelution that after an Eevee loved its trainer so much it just wouldn't die) hex code #320c40
Glaceoreon (A fusion between the pokemon Glaceon and Vaporeon after a water stone got frozen in an ice rock) hex code #5fc2d8
Flarebreon (A fusion between the pokemon Flareon and Umbreon after a fire stone and a moon stone got fused) hex code #43040
Pixy (A pixelated character that comes from a platformer game and now can inhabit any style or genre of game) hex code #28cb9d
Charles (A thief that has a voice similar to papyrus from Undertale and he's not that good at being a thief ether) hex code #e06d4d
SCP-5690 (it takes the appearance of a bush and anything (fully) green or lime it will suck in never to be seen again) hex code #258204
Pikacake (A Pikachu that's able to generate SO MUCH cake that you will probably have leftovers for the next month
) hex code #ead806

Sylespeon (A fusion between the pokemon Sylveon and Espeon after an Eevee was SO happi that the evolutions mixed) hex code #ba58a0
Biscuit (the pokemon Biscuit is a normal type and it has tips of edible biscuit and eating the biscuit will help the pokemon) hex code #b17959
Nebula (Was a Cosmog but after being fused with a Noibat he took the name of Nebula. Mostly just hangs around areas not bothering anybody
) hex code #5a23b3

Flareveon (A fusion between the pokemon Sylveon and Flareon after an Eevee touched a fire stone while being SUPER happi) hex code #f10966
Meow-sir (A cat that can talk and is good friends with almost all my pokemon OC's smug sometimes but usually fun to be around) hex code #bba45d

Raino (A white cat that has a lot of color on her tail as well as a red gem on the tip of her tail that's as soft as fur but looks as hard as a rock
) hex code #D50101

Frozen Cream (A Flareon that uses the albino features to pretend to be an ice type. isn't sensitive to the sun like IRL albinos because he's a fire type
) #hex code 90dac9

Aeon (A grass type pokemon looks like an amalgamation from Undertale but with grass type pokemon its name is ancient greek for life) hex code #5ad327
Scrapbit (after Lolbit started to breakdown they took some parts from Molten Freedy (the Ballora parts) and recreated parts from a certain Girm fox in a VR game DLC) hex code #9d430b
Kage (a BNHA character with the quirk Blood copy, anyone he drinks blood from he will obtain their quirk for a certain amount of time. Is a hero however has a blood lust mode that activates when he's mad) hex code #fe382a
SCP-1589 (It takes shape of a game console and puts the user into a video game the only way to escape is by completing the game if the game is failed then you will be trapped in a void and you will have to wait till someone else completes a game to escape
Default Appearance:
) hex code #9fb8d1

Neo 02: (has an incorporeal and a corporeal form. In the corporeal form, he can use the blue dots on his scales to generate an almost blinding light or to create mass amounts of oxygen hence the name however, in the incorporeal form, he can give people hallucinations plus the almost blinding light
) hex code:

GENERATION 30: The first time you see this, copy it into your signature on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.

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