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  1. Elk

    Tales of the Terrarian

    Absolutely fantastic! That was incredibly fun and took quite a while. I did think I was stuck a few times but i usually managed to figure my way through all the puzzles
  2. Elk

    Things that you didn't realize were in the game for the longest time?

    4, 5 & 4 defense for a total of 13 Doesn't seem like vanity to me It took me the longest time to realise that you could hold down left click to auto throw bone javelins and bone knives.
  3. Elk

    PC Empathetic Challenge Run

    Tricky... Well if you feel like that loophole in my ruleset is justified, feel free to abuse it as if I were in your position that's surely what I would do.
  4. Elk

    RE LOGIC! -Terraria logic jokes!

    There are new sets of armour that boost throwing damage along with changing of damage types for several weapons to throwing type, yet yoyos a weapon which is literally thrown as its main attack does not count as throwing. Along with counting a set of vampiric throwing knives, some kind of...
  5. Elk

    PC Empathetic Challenge Run

    Are you going to be 'accidentally' running over a pressure plate hooked up to your 200 dart trap area designed specifically for killing slimes :dryadnaughty:
  6. Elk

    PC Empathetic Challenge Run

    Good thought but thats still pretty much you causing the death of a living creature. In the rules I stated you can use traps to kill the specific enemies allowed such as skeletal based ones but not things like slimes or demon eyes
  7. Elk

    This annoys me far more than it should

    When I get the clentaminator when I beat a mechanical boss but its a multiplayer world im playing through with a couple friends and I'm not gonna beat a mechanical boss without them. I can see why people do this, but personally throughout my 800 hours of terraria I just like to keep the house...
  8. Elk

    PC Empathetic Challenge Run

    Good point, ill add that I'm not insinuating that you should kill the stylist, or the painter for the paintgun, but hypothetically if something were to happen to them that was out of your control *wink wink* and they were to drop their item, you would be permitted to use them I did think about...
  9. Elk

    This annoys me far more than it should

    In a world I had been playing on with some friends, as the world entered hardmode the little pond area I had made into a house for my Angler became crimsoned and seeing as I had only just reached hardmode and didn't have a clentaminator I just went to the dryad and bought a :red: load of...
  10. Elk

    Summoner Headgear for Hardmode Ore Sets

    The problem with this is that if you're going to be able to make armour for summoners out of cobalt and adamantite then why would you bother going for spider at all? I'm all for more summoner armour sets, just 1 or 2 I think would work well. I think if they made a second molten helmet which...
  11. Elk

    PC Empathetic Challenge Run

    I feel like slimes are technically sentient creatures as if you attack them they do chase after you whilst if you let them be they ignore you, the underground ones could be called more territorial so thats why they attack you without provocation. Regardless they have some kind of mind as they do...
  12. Elk

    I just cannot defeat Duke Fishron: He needs serious nerfing

    Dang it thats just what I came here to post... In all seriousness I would recommend you creating an expert mode world just to fight the EoC because the Shield of Cthulhu is insanely broken in my opinion. If you dash into Fishron (or any enemy for that matter) whilst he charges you you can...
  13. Elk

    Your Answer My Question

    Oh, the squiggle highlight is to show you've favorited an item. If you hold left alt when in your inventory you will see your cursor changes to a star, when this is active you can click on anything to favorite it. Favoriting items means you wont quick stack them, deposit all them, quick trash...
  14. Elk

    Your Answer My Question

    When you pick up an item that creates a new stack it will have a highlight around it the first time you open up your inventory. The highlight goes away if you mouse over the item or close and re-open your inventory. There also is an option to turn it off.
  15. Elk

    Little Gems From the Wiki Episode 2: The Saga Continues

    Arite, so the Crawltipede is PC exclusive but the rest aren't? Seems about right.
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