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    Terraria State of the Game - January 2020

    I have some words about master mode -If you wanted master mode to include weapon upgrades to some old weapons to make them more viable like the rest (like WaterBolt etc), you might as well just make those global anyway for real gameplay value, making THIS exclusive to master mode sounds loose...
  2. Empty air sandwich

    Is there even a point to naturally-occuring demonite ore in the underground?

    I swear I have the feeling that you could outright remove it from appearing in the underground and it wouldn't even matter :rolleyes: Obviously for some time it's better than anything you have because it's above gold, and it's like a particularly rare ore that only shows up in small amounts...
  3. Empty air sandwich

    New Expert Mode Accessory

    it's literally the wet shell of a magic marine creature, being used like a protection artifact, I thought
  4. Empty air sandwich

    Make Mage have more cool effects and branches like Spectre/Nebula since the beginning of the game

    Make magic cooler in a way that sets it more apart from Ranged since early on, more unique and novel and less like a ranged with less capability and more limitations, maybe improve mage set bonuses and add new mage accessories for more magic-hit-only procs and also allow healer-like mage effects...
  5. Empty air sandwich

    New Expert Mode Accessory

    Maybe something like this could also give immunity to "on fire" status, which would otherwise prevent all regeneration from working and not even ankh shield stops that
  6. Empty air sandwich

    What is the prettiest block/building block?

    As a general thing I like Pearlstone Brick or Snow Brick. Crystal Block and its wall looks so extremely pretty on negative paint, you could even do a sunray effect with wall painted in an angle like that. Lihzahrd Block/Wall on negative paint actually have an aquarium/bathhouse feel I always...
  7. Empty air sandwich

    Maximizing your experience when 1.4 comes out.

    At one point I stopped playing until the update comes so I'll play fresh with a new character and world. I decided to not just make NPC prisons and I'm writing down ideas for what I want to build the big homebase as and a couple other building points, I have drawn base ideas for the next 2 or 3...
  8. Empty air sandwich

    What is your favorite basic tool?

    Pickaxes or drills (and pickaxes are better because they can shove an enemy while digging). Always 1 in the hotbar. Even if you had an infinite stack of sticky bombs in your hotbar, you still would a pickaxe on it for fine tuning especially on bases. Axes are lame. Word-for-word, all they do is...
  9. Empty air sandwich

    What is your favorite ore?

    Adamantite. Its weapons/tools look cool and the armor looks cool and has that visual effect and the block looks cool, and it's the last one of the 3 hardmode ores so it's the ultimate ore for a certain point and it really looks the part. (but sadly Titanium is obviously better if you have that...
  10. Empty air sandwich

    Master Mode

    I guess it really should add more enemy-specific changes, it's practically guaranteed to already multiply enemy stats across the board even more, but these would be more meaningful and likeable than merely that I just thought up some changes that might make enemies more interestingly threatening...
  11. Empty air sandwich

    Title screen improvement

    This IS a problem when it comes to choosing your character's colors and everything. I assumed they already had some change about that planned for 1.4 because some versions of the game do make that part different (I think there was one where the character's sprite even is animated instead of...
  12. Empty air sandwich

    PC Housing System's Update

    I also had thought about having an NPC buff system to incentivate doing more than box houses, I had a more simple and manageable idea, really it's supposed to be more about just incentivating cuter things instead of ending up with making a scenario where you still just minmax the rooms with...
  13. Empty air sandwich

    New slime boss/mini boss

    I just got a fun idea on how to implement that: whenever King Slime would spawn, there's a chance the better stronger Queen Slime will spawn in his place instead, just like Pinky does with normal slimes, because King Slime will randomly keep spawning outdoors at the proper zone and is already...
  14. Empty air sandwich

    Make the Dryad give you a vanity set for purifying the world

    If you ask the Dryad for the world status and she says there is no corru/crimson (but probably counting only after hardmode), she would also give you a completely exclusive new vanity set as a reward, just as more substance to having done this. I'm thinking she gives it once per world. Maybe...
  15. Empty air sandwich

    Making the worst weapon type in the game viable + Helping Melee progression out a bit.

    This is pretty complicated for something ultimately small and the whole thing about spending extra inventory slots just for more downgraded throws of one pretty mundane weapon sounds a little awkward, I thought maybe it could work out better for the game if it simply was an accessory effect that...
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