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    Console That's No Moon... It's a Moonlord: Terraria 1.3 Launches on PS4, XB1 Submitted

    That could explain how quickly Sony passed it through because they clearly didn’t notice any bugs, I’m hoping Microsoft don’t send it back for bug fixing as I would be perfectly fine with playing a version of 1.3 atm

    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    It is on course to come out Q3 which is by September 30th, so yes as of rn it should come out in September

    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    Yeah you can just upload your character I believe

    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    We probably would have if it was just 1.3 they were doing but they are redoing the code from scratch so it's similar to PC, and if you think about it, it took a year to come out for PC so I would say they are doing a pretty good job


    I think for 1.4 it should be a massive update like hard mode, so a hard mode version of the wall of flesh that takes you into a even harder version of the world so it allows the developers to put in new ores, enemies, bosses and events. I think that would be cool

    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    How about thinking of things to build on the new world you will have to create once 1.3 is out

    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    I have no idea tbh I would think they would, when producing more copies of the game just change it, but my question is will their be an updated version for the new Xbox one X considering it's a lot more powerful and can do stuff similar to a PC so will they increase the world size like PC's...

    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    It's hard when one of your friends cheat in a game because when they then say they won't cheat again, it's hard to trust them so you don't allow them on your world.

    CC Creation Compendium #49

    Great entries once again well done everyone, can't wait for the next one :D
  10. EPICFACE07

    Terraria Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2017!

    Sameeeee lol but it expands the Terraria universe onto more platforms allowing more people to play this amazing game so it's worth it
  11. EPICFACE07

    Most Annoying Item/Mob?

    Completely agree i struggled massively with those once first entering hard mode, I find them more annoying then the bosses as they still due massive amounts of damage per hit
  12. EPICFACE07

    Which Mechanical Boss is the Hardest?

    It would depend for me because hardest boss due to the amount of damage they do would be the twins however the destroyer takes a lot more time to destroy so if you have high dps weapons then time isn't really an issue but as the twins can still kill you before you can kill them, so I would lean...
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    Terraria Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2017!

    This is a great news Hope Nintendo switch players are hyped :D
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    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria Otherworld: Bringing You Up to Speed

    Agreed #gameoftheyearwhenitsnotevenout
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    1.3.4 is LIVE!

    Looking forward to playing this again. Another great update from the team good job guys and keep up the work. Time to do some grinding ;(
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