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Recent content by Exterminator

  1. Exterminator

    How do you change vanilla item damage type?

    Here is me asking on the official tModLoader discord
  2. Exterminator

    How do you change vanilla item damage type?

    He wants to make an accessory that changes the damage type of weapons WHEN EQUIPPED. Not just blanket bomb all items
  3. Exterminator

    Errors building TutorialMod

    Thanks for the fix
  4. Exterminator

    Errors building TutorialMod

    I've have this problem and I still have no idea what causes it. The thing I did find is that building your mod from inside tModLoader works fine
  5. Exterminator

    tModLoader Need help installing mods in tmodloader (Linux)

    Only large mod downloads are broken You can manually download the mods from tModLoader Mod Browser Mirror
  6. Exterminator

    tModLoader tmod chunks don't load and game crashes

    Try updating your tModLoader. You're using version v0.11.7.5, but the newest is v0.11.7.8.
  7. Exterminator

    Disable arrow drops when shot

    Check out Projectile Class Documentation - noDropItem
  8. Exterminator

    PC is TEdit a virus?

    If you download from the proper location, it is NOT a virus
  9. Exterminator

    Sonido en T-modloader

    This is fixed in the tModLoader beta, which you can access using steam
  10. Exterminator

    tModLoader Elements Unleashed (not Elemental Unleash). Help with recipe

    After taking a look at the mod code I didn't find a way in which Dark Energy can be obtained
  11. Exterminator

    What does: Cannot implicitly convert type 'int' to 'Terraria.Audio.LegacySoundStyle' mean?

    The problem is here -> item.UseSound = 2; You're supposed to use item.UseSound = SoundID.SoundNameHere
  12. Exterminator

    Mod Request: Will someone please make a no spider mod?

    Another option is making a mod that replaces the spider textures/sprites with different ones. But I'm no good at making sprites
  13. Exterminator

    Help with mods.

    The second picture tells you the issue is on line 13. You're trying to set item.name, but that's not how you set the name You set the name using another method public override void SetStaticDefaults() { DisplayName.SetDefault("Item Name"); Tooltip.SetDefault("Item Tooltip"); } The...
  14. Exterminator

    tModLoader Can't download mods. (and other bugs)

    In tModLoader, in the Mods menu, there is a button at the bottom that says something like "Open Mods"
  15. Exterminator

    Mod Request: Will someone please make a no spider mod?

    You could try one of these mods(they're available in the Mod Browser in-game) https://mirror.sgkoi.dev/Mods/Details/NoSpiders https://mirror.sgkoi.dev/Mods/Details/NoSpidersMod
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